Racist Are As Worthy Of Our Pity As they Are Of Our Hatred….(maybe).

I swear, the very next time the police or government agencies are turned lose on a White, Conservative, Patriotic, Red-blooded American, and murders one of them, I’m gonna start a support page, a collection campaign, and memes to support the Fascist that pulled the trigger.

I will also disparage the White Conservative victim of police aggression and murder. I promise you I’m gonna do it.

The great thing is, I wont have to wait very long for the opportunity. See, most White people in this nation not only have a screwed up interpretation of all History, they also have short memory spans, and a chronic case of Selective Amnesia.

White people don’t remember that the first Slaves, the first Gang Bangers, the first Drug Dealers, the first victims of Government Surveillance, Infiltration, and Subversion were White People. Yep, and Whites are still the majority engaged in the crimes and other activities they like to project onto Black people (see: Psychological projection). They also don’t know that the Government and the Economic Elite are just as willing to kill them and their children when it suits their agenda.

White people don’t understand that their Skin color, or lack thereof has never truly protected them for the exploitation of their Elites, never in history. They are only safe as long as they passively allow their Elites to rob them of their share of the ill-gotten spoils, pollute their bodies with industrial chemicals, push mind altering drugs and system ravaging vaccines on their children, sell them processed pathogenic foods, mass manipulate them to think that they are also part of the White Power Structure, and many other abuses I don’t have time to list.

It is the grandest illusion, and the deepest propaganda that allows the White masses to think that their Skin color, or lack thereof is enough to gain admission to the White Power club, the real White Power, not Trailer Park White Power.

Who remembers the Ruby Ridge massacre? Who remembers the Kent State Shootings? What about the Death of Donald P. Scott? How about the the murder of David Koresh? How about when Bill Clinton unofficially declared war on the Militia movement, and government agents were provoking confrontations and shooting them all over the nation in the 1990s?

These are some of the better known incidents of the White Elites reminding the White masses of their place in the social and economic hierarchy, above Blacks, but way, way, way, below the White and Zionist Elites.

Lemme tell you, if Obama was not president, if Hillary took the crown in 2008 that confrontation at the Cliven Bundy Ranch would have played out like the Waco siege under Bill Clinton; because the Clintons keep the White underclasses on a much shorter lease than Obama is able to; and guess what, it looks like we bout to have another Clinton in office in 2016! LoL!

The only reason they are not shooting Whites down right now is because the White majority, despite all the bullshit they talk, despite all the guns they tote around at rallies, despite their heretic of personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, accountability, and freedom; they White majority are being puked out, and they are punking out under naked exploitation from the White Elites.

The White Elites robbed the White masses of trillions in the housing collapse, and through other illegal means, then they blatantly robbed the US treasury of trillions more, and what did the Whites do? Did they “water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants,” like they said; nope, they went on a 6 year hunt for Obama’s birth certificate.

The Bush Administration blew up 3 towers in their “Empire City,” then sent thousands of their sons to die just to enrich Bush’s Elite White, Arab, and Zionist Homies and to kill Israel’s enemies for them. Then on top of that, he didn’t even give the millions of soldiers who came back physically and psychologically wounded any level of support, he cut the fucking budget for veterans benefits! The White masses have already forgot about the Walter Reed Army Medical Center neglect scandal. SMH. They punked out, they didn’t step up for their own dead and wounded sons.

That’s what’s at the core of White folks disrespect for ‪#‎MikeBrown‬ and the Black communities confrontation with the oppressive state, them muthafuckas are envious of our willingness to stand where they have so often punked out!

They hate Black unity, solidarity, and power because it’s based on Justice and Love, where White unity and White Power is based on injustice, theft, and hatred of people who’ve they wronged for centuries.

Just look up White power or White nationalism, and see that it has no redeeming virtues, look at the lies it’s all rooted in; stupid ass White Nationalist talking shit about White genocide at the hands of the real victims of genocide; they talking about benefits and preferences Blacks supposedly get from the Government above Whites, SMH. The White Power clowns know that if they told their followers the truth about any damn thing the whole damn movement would collapse under its own absurdity.

I had a White dude tell me he was proud to be White and American because they put a fucking probe on Mars, LoL, dude had to go all the way to Mars to find something to be proud of that didn’t involve degrading, raping, stealing, or enslaving. SMH.

Also, when you review Western History and Culture to find humane, honest, and just figures, you will find that White folks generally ignore or hate these people. So I’m not the one who denies that there are good White people, it’s White people who suppress and deny the good Whites. Ask your average White friend, not your Anarchist, Radical, or Progressive White friend (that’s cheating), just ask the one who’s into sports, or the one who likes to go to Hooters; ask them about Jean-Paul Sartre, or the real Mother Jones, or to tell you anything about Hellen Keller besides the fact she was deaf and blind. Ask your AWP (average White person) about Derrick Jensen; Naomi Klein, hell I’ll make it easy, ask em about Noam Chomsky! Most will look at you lost.

So this ain’t about me hating Whites or saying that they are all White Devils, I’m saying the masses of them are cowards who attack oppressed people of color when we fight for a modicum of justice while they are too damn afraid to fight for their own damn justice against their true enemies.

So, don’t allow these Racist White Trolls to get you too upset, or to distract us from our missions; “they often hate us because they ain’t us,” and it ain’t too much we can do about that. Let’s just make sure we are ready with our “I support Officer _______,” signs when inevitably Whites get bitten by the very beast they love so much.

One more thing:

During the Civil War, the majority of the White Southerners were poor, and had no real stake in the system of Chattel Slavery, but the Elites gave em uniforms and guns and they died by the thousands to defend the System.

During the Civil Rights Movement, the only thing the average White Southerner had going for them was access to the front of the bus and the better drinking fountain, beyond that, they were the poorest White folks in the nation, but they still came out to throw bricks and spit on our ancestors who were seeking nothing more than a recondition of our humanity.

During the War on Terror, they enlisted and killed, are killing, millions of people in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, while the profits from war and the stolen resources are only going to the top 1%, and the White masses sink deeper into debt and their own indoctrination.

So don’t get the illusion that the facts presented here will awaken a White racist, it seems to me that they prefer a White Hell over a Black or racially balanced Heaven.

It has been my experience that the real truth only angers White racist and drives them deeper into their psychopathology.

(I didn’t mean to get into all that, I just wanted to say I planned to go tit for tat on supporting State Sanctioned Killings when it’s White folks turn, but the post got away from me. Sorry)