Can you give some context on who Matthew Stevens is and why he is committing these illegal acts against you and the kids?

Damn, I don’t know if I should reopen that can of worms cuz he’s been quite so far this season and I don’t want him vandalizing our spaces again…, but then again he’s harassed and vandalized other people and projects so I think people have a right to know.

Dude worked for this NfP called the Wisdom Project.  They paid him over 14k to design a “food forest,” his relationship soured with the Wisdom Project, they broke ties with him, and he embarked on a long term campaign of harassment of the organization and works of that organization.

They eventually secured a restraining order, after he threatened the wife of the head of the project (a Black woman who was pregnant at the time).  I was a volunteer for the WP, working in their permaculture “food forest,” and I was oblivious to all of that shit between MS and the WP.  

Eventually the WP moved on from the project and the land was left unattended, it was grown over and the land owners were about to have it all clear cut; I and my wife approached the land owners and told them we’d be interested in taking over the land and setting up a more traditional organic food garden, they agreed and I asked King Deeda to come on board with the project cuz he knows his shit when it comes to urban agriculture, plus we have the same values as far as Veganism, Ecology, and no-Kill organic gardening. 

Upon finding out that we took over the garden site MS started another campaign of harassment against we who were working the land and our site.

He would steal and damage our tools and binds, destroy trees, and destroy food bearing plants, and continually contact us to taunt and threaten us.

He went so far as to attempt to have me arrested by saying I assaulted him, he had the CPD surround and detain me, fortunately they were able to see through his scheme and allowed me to go.  

His last act of vandalism was to hack down our largest peach tree in the garden, and that was in early October.  But he has approached and harassed one of my partners a few weeks ago, so I hope it’s all over but I don’t know if it is.  

Since we started we have brought jobs and many resources to the space and the larger community, we have expanded to three additional locations, and are setting up to employ more youth throughout the summer.  So, I hope dude has moved on.