So you don’t want back people becoming billionaires but the revolution you want to happen takes money and resources.

The two things are inversely proportional Anonymous.

The more Black billionaires we have the less resources and interest we have in Revolution. 

Look at all the Black multimillionaires and billionaires that emerged in post-colonial Africa; the richer those Negros got the more they saw their interested being tied to the Global White Elites and not to the masses of African people.

Look at all the Black multimillionaire here in the US, the more we get the poorer the Black masses become.

The Hyper-Rich emerge in feudal conditions, conditions of great oppression and imbalance; the Hyper-Rich are only present in dysfunctional economic systems, they do not represent prosperity or advancement of a people.

Mexico produced the richest man in the world at the same time the nation was being destoryed by corrupt free trade aggressemnts (NAFTA), and Narco Wars.  Having the richest man in the world be Mexican didn’t do shit for Mexico or the Mexican people.

Black billionaires by definition are enemies of the Revolution, they are inherently Reactionary. 

From Mobutu to Oprah; Black billionaires about about to do shit for us but sell us but try to convence us to submit to an Omnicidal Economic system that is oppressing us and killing the world’s ecosystems.