Don’t Talk that Humanity Shit…We Know Who’s Responsible.

Listen, the Climate Change, Peak Everything, Social Calamity, Ecological Collapse Trains have all left the fucking station and have all reached full speed.

Most of humanity is feeling it, across the world most people don’t get enough food calories to fuel a full days work, work which they can’t find anyone to pay them to do. Most don’t have access to fresh, uncontaminated water, and all of us are breathing contaminated air, and our flesh is saturated with disease causing industrial pollutants.

On top of this shit, many Whites, even the White Liberals are trying to play this shit off like “Humanity,” or the “Human Species” is to blame! The nerve of these muthafuckas!

Whenever White speaks of their achievements they are very specific, they don’t say Human Civilization, they say Western Civilization, they don’t say Human Nations, they say Developed Nations (and we know that that means White Nations, and Asian Nations that act like fucking White nations), they don’t say Human Wealth, they talk about their wealth specifically (because the rest of us ain’t got shit, and they ain’t sharing), they real good at making sure the world knows their great men, from Plato to Einstein, shit they even take some non-White heroes and inventions and make them White.

My point is that Whites have no problem taking credit for shit, they have no issues being specific about which culture and civilization has what, and did what.

So how the fuck when Whites wanna talk about the ultimate, and omnicidal outcomes of their culture and civilization, they wanna be non-specific?

How the fuck they talking that “humankind” shit when it comes to destruction of the very life sustaining capacity of the planet?

Yall gon let them pull this shit off? Are we gonna allow them to distort history yet again? Are we gonna allow them to preemptively excuse themselves of blame, or tie all the rest of us Non-Whites into the blame? Yall gon let that happen?

I know the biggest cult in the Black community is the “Can’t Blame the White Man for Black Problems Cult,” so a already know the answer as for as most Negros is concerned but I hope the other indigenous people of the planet point the finger square at the true cause behind the conditions that threaten the lives of most living things on this planet.

Who the fuck ever went to Europe and said; “please impose you mentality, economy, social relations, and methods on me and my people?” Even China is not to blame, they had to choose between being genocidally oppressed (like us Africans) or embracing ecocidal development.

So whenever one of your White friends wants to get deep and philosophical about the human condition and how humanity is so self-destructive, you quickly interrupt them and say; “Naw Muthafucka! That’s all you and your people’s shit, my people was forced onto this boat and yall still refuse to allow us to jump off, but yall been at the helm the whole damn time. You ain’t puttin shit on me and mine!” Tellem exactly that.