If Obama Was Your President, then Trump Is Too…

Americans are literally protesting the fact that they are moving from being governed by polished, Capitalist, warmongering, Racist, Fascist to being governed by naked, Capitalist, warmongering, Racist, Fascist.

People have not even taken the time to review Obama’s policies and initiatives and how they overlap with Reagan, Bush 1.0, Clinton, Bush 2.0, and how Trump is departing from Obama’s style and rhetoric but is basically staying on the same imperialist path Obama is on.

If you are protesting Trump’s election, but you didn’t offer any opposition to the Obama Administration, you are part of the Theatrics of American Democracy, you are part of the problem.

I know there are many in the streets who were also standing against Obama’s war crimes and his subversion of social justice movements and activist; so, of course, I’m not talking about yall, but yall need to check (or better educate) these folks who just found out that America is Racist, Imperialist, Sexist, and Fundamentally Unjust.