On Dumbing Down & Correct Education.

There is no argument that the US population in general, and the Black community in particular is being consciously dumded-down by the White Elite.
But I think our community is confused about the nature and method of dumbing-down a population.

We imagine the dumbing is being done through poor quality schools, and thus we fight…I’m sorry, we don’t fight; we protest, beg, demonstrate, vote, pray, and integrate for better quality schools.

It’s not poor schools that dumb us down, nor will better schools make us more intelligent.

I’m sorry to break that to you, especially you New Negro Strives who move to White neighborhoods so you can put your children into the intellectual ass-crack of some White school district thinking you will be spared the dumbing down that afflicts the rest of the community.

(You Black Integrationist do get better training, better skills, more opportunity, and end up with betta jobs and a little mo money, but are no more intelligent or educated than the average ghetto dweller. But it seems that’s all yall want: a little Mo’ and a little Betta’ so I guess you have no complaints. Plus yall get all the psychological and cultural scars from submerging your children in a toxic, anti-Black environment. aka: The Only Black Syndrome.)

Anyway, dumbing-down starts with destroying the desire to learn, to understand, to be educated. If they didn’t destroy the very Intellectual Culture of the Black Community, then poor quality schools would not be an impediment to getting an education, not at all.

If you review the African population in the US in the years following the American Civil War, you’ll find that our ancestors had a illiteracy rate that was in the upper 90%, and there was sporadic and very limited investment to educating former slaves, but our ancestors had the desire to be educated, liberated, and independent, so we more than doubled our literacy rate in less than a generation, a superhuman feat. We literally went from the plantation to the State House and the US Congress in just a few years! We were a people who valued education and we knew that education only manifested when you use it to identify, define, and advance the interested of your own community/race/nation.

In the Reconstruction Era Africans were on course to surpassing the Average White citizen of the US in both education, property holdings, and wealth, we were building independent and strong Black communities, and an alternative Black Economy; that’s why our enemies had to implement the Jim Crow laws, and other means to suppress our natural progress to prominence.

Back then our enemies used naked brutality, open theft, and blatant deception to undermine our progress, and that shit worked all the way up to the 1950s (with a brief hiccup in the 1920s; see Garveyism).

From the end of Reconstruction to the 1950s Whites would simply kill an Uppity Ni99er, they’d simply take our property, burn down our institutions, and force us to labor for them, just as they did during Chattel Slavery, except they had to give lip-service to our “freedom and liberty.”

They went from enslaving us because we were born to be slaves to enslaving us because we were criminals, or vagrants; they will always seek to enslave us, only their justification for doing so changes, not the desire to enslave us.

In the 1950s a needed number of us come together and said; Enough! We armed ourselves, started shooting back (See: We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement). Our Oppressors had to move beyond naked aggression and brutality to derail our 3rd mass movement towards justice and Liberation in this nation. That’s when they employed “The Technology of Control,” or Behaviorism to keep us enslaved and suppressed. (See the research of B. F. Skinner and Edward Bernays.) The decided to destroy our Minds/Mentalities instead of threatening our bodies. (See: Bobby E Dr. Bobby E. Wright and his Mentacide Paper.)

So instead of burning down our schools and lynching the Uppity Ni99gers, they now destroy our desire to be educated, independent, and Liberated. They set up as our highest aspirations: being equal to them and consuming only what they are willing and able to provide. We have an abundance of Titled and Lettered Black people, but because we fail to even recognize education, what it is, and how to apply it, we are losing ground as a people.

The destruction of a people’s will to be Educated/Free, and the subsequent destruction of their ability to even understand what Education/Freedom really is, is more devastating than enslaving them, and leaving their minds intact; that’s the essence of Mentacide.

The Oppressors now can give us Billions of dollars, they can allow us to Perform on the World’s Stage, they can even allow us to be the fucking President for the Imperial State, or the Top General in their Omnicidal Military, and have no fear of us using any of it to get free, or provide our people with any level of empowerment.

So we need to stop wasting our time and energy trying to push them to give us better schools or even more access to their schools, that’s a losing battle. Like Carter G. Woodson said almost a century ago; “ Harvard has ruined more Negros than bad Whiskey.”

We must put our energy into a Cultural Revolution that Radicalizes our communities and all community members, education must be tied to the ideology of Pan-Africanism, and the agenda of Pan-Africanism.

Black/African youth must be taught from day one that their highest priority is to Liberate and Unite all Africans, to dismantle the Institutions and Systems of White Domination, to construct a just and humane social order, to heal the damages of White Domination and Industrial Capitalism on humanity and the world’s ecosystems, all at the same time.

They only way to inspire youth is to give them something worth striving for; securing a good job/money as a despised and unwanted Subject of an Omnicidal Empire is not goal worthy of inspiring Black youth, that’s why they both consciously or subconscious rebel against that path, and the few who accept the path are often disenchanted once they reach the top, and find out they’ve been climbing a mountain made of human feces (metaphorically).

We must teach that all resources that come into our possession, all of our talents, cash, property, athletic skills, musical ability, scientific and inventive genius, organizational abilities, ect; all that we have must feed the Pan-African Agenda, and we must receive or values and priorities for our own African Aisili (Cultural Seed).

If we fail to better understand what education is, and how to rebuild the desire for education in our culture, and apply our education for our own interest and development; then we will be the most Educated Slaves in human history, and we’ll be the first people to finance, and enthusiastically participate in our own Genocide and Extermination.

“Only Correct Education Can Change You Station in Life…!” – Ready Z

PS: Don’t waste time on those who’ve embraced their Training and Social Status, I’m don’t debating New Negros about these issues, I’m willing to debate the best method of getting to Pan-Africanism, and Liberation, but I not debating its efficacy….unless I’m just using some NN as a soundboard according to the New Negro Self Exposure Protocol. #NNSEP