When the “Good Ones” Catch a Bad One.

When I see someone voluntarily playing in a snake pit, I don’t tend to weep for them when they get bit.

So, the trending stories of that Black Harvard Tennis player getting
mopped up by the NYPD, and that BMW driving, Obama supporting Black
banker who got locked up in a psych ward for imagining that she was
equal to White folks don’t particularly move me to sing We Shall Overcome.  

I ain’t saying I don’t pay attention to these events, but for different reasons than most Black folks.

What I look for is how New Negros respond when “respectable” Black folks get treated like regular Black folks.

I know from experience that if James Blake was mobbed by some Black
youth, all New Negros would be denouncing the entire Race and asserting
that we deserve being subjected to all the atrocities we suffer because
of “how we do each other,” or because “we treat each other worse than
Whites treat us.”

I know if that BMW driving banker was
carjacked by a Black man every New Negro would be calling for more
police surveillance and repression of Black people.  They’d want the
government to impose the death penalty on all Black car-jackters.

If these two Role-Model Black folks had been victimized by other Blacks
we’d have another mass exodus of New Negros from the Race, on social
media announcing “I’m through with Black people,” or stating “this is
why I don’t fuck with Ni99as,” or “this is why I don’t live in the
Hood,” or why I don’t “date Black men/women.”  Or some other BS.

But I see no blanket condemnation of the White Race, no renunciation of
loyalty to America, no justifications of the suffering of Whites base
on the ill-treatment of others coming from the New Negros.  I see no
“Whites People Ain’t Shit Memes,” trending like I see “Black People
Ain’t Shit Memes,” after a Black person does something to offend the
morality and standards of New Negros.

I see the Black victims
and the New Negros being very specific in their accusations and
condemnations. They keeping their eyes on the specific offenders, and
polices; not all cops, not the entire PDs, or the entire Legal System,
or the entire White Race.

They still act like atrocities
against Blacks by this System is not the standard, but a divination from
normal practices, and that all we gotta do is tell the police about the
abuse of (Black people by) the police, hire the lawyers, and stand
before the judges that are loyal, oath taking servants of the same
system that the police serve, and shit will be handled, justice will be

Just imagine if New Negros gave their own the
consideration, just imagine if a New Negros were all like, “I renounce
that individual car-jacker, or that particular mob of youth who
committed those specific offenses against those other Black
individuals,” instead of talking that “Ni99as ain’t shit,” talk.  

Just imagine if New Negros asserted that they opposed anti-social
behavior, or they oppose car-jacking, instead of talking that “this is
why we can’t have shit,” talk when shit goes down between Blacks.

Or even better, imagine of New Negros was all like; “fuck the cops,
fuck the government, fuck the System, I’m sick of this shit, and I ain’t
cooperating with this System ever again,” just imagine if they stated;
“the US government and the Whites in power have treated me and my people
worse than we have ever treated each other, and are behind much of the
Black-on-Black mistreatment any fucking way!”

Just imagine if New Negros were as sensitive, understanding, and forgiving of their own as they are of our oppressors.

Just imagine if New Negros were as hostile, unforgiving, and prejudice against our oppressors as they are of their own.  

I’m not trying to down play what happened to Kamilah Brock and James
Blake, but it’s really bigger than both of them; and I hope their
experiences provoke them to embrace Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, and
contribute their skills and talents to our collective Liberation.