Why in 2014, there is still an disconnection between Africans ,African Americans, & Caribbean people? how can we fix this problem? When I mean “disconnection” I mean a lack of knowledge or care for one another history & culture. Hurling insults at each other. No true unity among us. Not supporting one another financially(For example, buying land in Africa or supporting black businesses). So, do you agree or disagree with my statement?

Africans are disunited on a global scale because we’ve only address half of the disunity problem when we’ve made our many moves to Pan-African Unity. 

You cannot cultivate and harvest crops when their is a plague of Locust on your lands, you have to address the Locust.  In our case the Locust are the systems and institution of Global White/Zionist Domination.  Our enemies use Black traitors to infiltrate our communities and our organizations to disrupt our efforts to unify.

We have to understand that Pan-African unity will disrupt the economies and the power structures of the European, Asian, and even the corrupt African Elite, so we have to build our defense apparatus, our capacity to defend against and attack our enemies, at the same time we work to build internal and international unity for the Global African Community.

We fix the problem by holding to Pan-Africanism, by building local, then regional, then international Revolutionary Organizations and Institutions.  The Blueprint has been laid out by our Revolutionary Ancestors, we just have to successfully execute the agendas.

I don’t think our problem is financial, so we can rest on financial solutions.  We have proven that we are a capable people economically when we’ve been allowed to freely engage in economic activity, but we are not keen on Warfare, on Revolutionary War, Psychological War, on Subversive War…we always lose what we build because we try to play by the rules of our enemies.  We need to master War, even Economic Warfare, we have to Revolutionize all of our activities, all aspect of our lives, or we will continue to lose what we build.  Too many Africans focus strictly on Economies as if we can buy our way to freedom.  Until we develop and deploy Pan-African Revolutionary Economics, we will not prevail financially.