I hear the words Gangsta, Street, Hood, Thug from Black people all the time and I’m just realizing that most of us have no real working concept of the reality of Gangsterism (or what a Gangster really is). Damn!

Just some Basics.
1. These ain’t Real Gangsters.

2. There are Real Gangsters.

3. There are not the signs of Real Gangsters.

4. These are the signs of Real Gangsters.

I though this much was understood, even if it wasn’t always articulated.  Black Gangsta are just descendants of the predatory Slaves that would abuse, rob, and intimidate the other enslaved Africans around the Slave Quarters on the Plantations grounds, but they’d quickly run and hide when the White Overseers would show up.

The Thugs in the Hood today carry on that sick legacy; but those predatory Slaves would never join the Slave Rebellions to burn the Plantation down, or run for freedom, just as the Gangsta and Thugz today would never dream of opposing the Systems of Oppression today.  So stop glorifying Gangsterism, and please stop talking the ‘Revolutionary but Gangsta’ bullshit.