Capitalistic Patriotic Consumerist Christians.

The God and Savior of the Christian faith was falsely accused of a crime, tortured, and then executed by the Government with the support of the established religion of that era. Today, Christians allow the US government to falsely incarcerate, torture, and execute people who have committed no crimes; people who’s only offense was being poor, or suffering from the disease of addiction, being Non-White, having a different religious dogma, living above resources that the government coveted, or a combination of the other characteristics that do no justify their incarceration, torture, or murder by the government.

I see people who post the most about God, blessings, and the Bible never, ever, say shit about the crimes of the State and the complicity of the established Christian denominations! This is so outrageous. I have no doubt that if these Christians lived during the biblical era, they would have been in the crowd yelling for Jesus to be strung up. They would have seen it as their patriotic duty as good subjects of the Roman Empire. I have no doubt that if Jesus returned today, and began to, like he did in the past; preach against the Government, the Bankers, the established (mega) Churches, and if he began to hang with the outcast, the prostitutes, the poor, the radicals; he’d piss off the same type of powerful people he did in his era. I have no doubt that they would again conspire to silence him through false accusations, torture him in Guantanamo Bay, or assassinate him with a Predator drone.

I also have no doubt that just about all of the people who identify as Christians would continue to watch TV, go to work, consume at the department stores, and praise Jesus in their air-conditioned churches, without lifting a damn finger to assist or save their Messiah. They would accept whatever lies the government told them about Jesus being a terrorist, and hating their freedom. Most would see Jesus and his terrorist disciples as the threat the the corrupt government, along with the corporations as their protectors…just like they do now.

I’ve now understand, Christianity in this nation is not a faith, it is not a way of life, or even a religion; it is simply a social club, an emotional outlet, and an empty title for most. People don’t truly study, or reflect on the history and teachings of their faith, they just learn a few verses and phrases so they can sound good when they give their testimonials about “how gud de Lawd has ben ta me!!!!”

I, after being baptized at 12 years old tried to read the Bible, and be a Christian, but the more I tried to be a good Christian (radical, anti-establishment, Revolutionary, vegetarian, anti-capitalist, anti-materialism, teller of hidden truths, etc) the more hostility I encountered from the Pastor and other Christians. I didn’t understand that there was a wide gap between what most Christians say the believe and what the hell they are willing to do in response to what they believe. So I bounced.

I now understand that most people who claim, or profess to be Born Again Christians are truly members of the Cult of Consumerism. If you don’t believe me, make your way to any local church and count the number of designer bags, shoes, and jewelery you find. See how often the preacher attacks the state, the banks, the multinational corporations, or any institutions of power and corruption from the pulpit. See how often they go into the streets, put their material possessions up for the support and betterment of the masses. Join any organization that is struggling for the people, and against the corrupt powers that rule the world, and count the number of Christians amongst them.

I know there are….there must be some Revolutionary Christians out there. Those who are following in the path of their Lord and Savior in opposing those in power while serving the oppressed. I ain’t talking to or about yall here. Keep up the good work.

I’m only talking to the Capitalistic Patriotic Consumerist Christians.