Expose’: LaceFronts Are Actually Alien Brain Parasites!

Yall ever see those movies where alien parasites invade earth and take over people’s minds and bodily functions, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 film)?

Well, that’s how I view these obscene LaceFrontWigs, hair extensions, and chemically process hair-dos. They are alien brain parasites that have invaded our communities, grafted themselves onto the skulls of our women, and are now driving them to do all they can to feed their wigs. Not even our celebraties and professional class is immune. The victims work to earn money, they eat, and they spend, just to sustain the parasites, then they go out so that the parasites can socialize. I can’t see past the brain parasites whenever I encounter a Black woman who’s afflicted by these aliens. Do that make me shallow?

I wish there was a device, like the sunglasses in They Live, that would allow everyone else to see how these highly toxic and rapidly reproducing parasites are affecting our Black women and our overall community in such negative ways. Just like at the black stare in the image, you can tell the parasite is in control of this woman! I won’t even go into how their Korean, Indian, and Arab henchmen are also profiting from their cooperation with these aliens.

We need some action-hero type sisters to mount an epic struggle against these parasitic aliens, and save their Sisters from these monstrous creatures who camouflage themselves as ugly hair styles. Are there any Heroines out there willing to mount this campaign?