If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Like Rakim, “I (also) don’t like to dream about gettin’ paid…,” but I will still attempt answer your question.

The first thing I would have to do is acknowledge that I’m not longer one of the Black masses, and that I am now part of the Negro Elites, and I’d follow their protocol.

  1. I’d announce that Racism, Oppression, and Systematic Subversion of the Black community are just a figment of Black folks imagination; and that I was proof that the America Dream is real and available to anyone who’s willing to get off the couch, stop having babies, stop smoking blunts, and work for it.
  2. I’ll have to start pretending that the problems of the society come from the bottom up, that the people who have no money, no power, no agency, no control or real influence over the policies and institutions of the society are the ones fucking shit up; and that the elites are the good, wholesome, selfless,  job creators who are the ones trying to fix things.
  3. I’ll have to assert that I can’t do anything for the Black community, or anything major in the best interest of humanity because poor Blacks can’t get their shit together, and that their not being able to get their shit together prevents me from doing any good with all my money and resources, as if I couldn’t just by-pass the poor and link with other rich Blacks and establish whatever institutions I wanted, or to build strong communities from the ground up, establish a Black independent economic system, or travel to African, secure resources and help to build strong African Nations, I’d have to pretend that poor wayward youth prevent me from doing good, instead of my own greed and fear of White Power.
  4. I would then have to promote and hold to the myth that having a whole bunch of fiat currency is equivalent to having real power.  That being able to buy shit gives me power, status, and puts me in an equal positions with Elite Whites, Asians, Arabs, and Indians who have money; even though these other Elites from other Races also have ownership and control of raw and natural resources, they have their own damn armies, their own nations, their own currencies, their own infrastructure that they controls, they have their own independent and competing agendas, they have real power, not just an increased consumption capcity; I’ll have to just join with the real Elites and use my money to mingle with them, even though I don’t have real power and resources.  I’ll pretend that my capacity to buy the shit that they manufacture to sell makes me powerful too….but it dosen’t.
  5. Oh, and I have to keep telling Blacks they can get to my level at the same time I tell them that they are at fault for failing to reach my level, and I will hide the ugly aspects about being at my level from them so that they don’t work to establish real power and real wealth, I will encourage them to “git dat paper,” instead of getting that Liberation.
  6. I have to state again, just as Cosby, Oprah, and other rich Black folks have shown: it is mandatory to tear down and admonish poor and working class Blacks and blame them for not only their own oppression, but for society’s ills in general; I gotta remember that if I hit the Lotto.
  7. Then there’s the whole publicly displaying my wealth requirement for all Rich Negros, attending award shows, big parties, and other shit to show I’m rich, and shunning any real gatherings that could create any long term or fundamental positive change for my people..
  8. I also have to move away from my community, far away, and move into any non-African rich community that is willing to have me and take my money.  I have to pretend that it’s impossible to live among working class Blacks and to circulate my money among my own people, and remember, it’s their fault, not the fault of the Rich Negros that we don’t have our own independent economic structures.  The problem with Black economic with Blacks who don’t have money, not with the Blacks who have money but mismanage the shit out of their resources, remember that, gotta keep pushing that myth.
  9. I’d have to work to reproduce myself too, not just by having children and infusing them with my Rich Negro ideology and practices but by supporting schools and organizations that also push my ideology and practices; I have to donate to Negro colleges that produce more and more “educated” Negros that post no threat to the standing oppressive and genocidal Power Structure; that produce Negros that only want to join, serve, and profit from the Power Structure.  I’d also give charity to the poor and working class Blacks, not the kinda charity the encourages cooperation and empowerment, but the kind that encourages competition and dependency in the Black community.  
  10. Then, the ultimate in Negro Rich power(less) move; I’d have to get myself a White spouse!  Not just any White spouse tho, a White woman of high breeding, like a Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashians; but that’s not enough, nope, it’s not enough for me to parade a White spouse around as a symbol of my arrival into the wealthy Class, I’d have to tear Black women down, and assert that they are not cultured enough to be with a man of my stature, that they are too angry, aggressive, overweight, inarticulate, money hungry, etc.  Then I gotta structure my will so that my riches go to my White wife and her family not to my Black relatives who were down with me when I was broke or on the come up.  This is called the Kanye-Jordan Maneuver.

I could go on, but I think this list covers all the major shit I’d have to do if I hit the Lotto and became a Rich Negro.

You didn’t specify which Lotto I won though, if you could tell me which Lotto I could give you more specific details of what I would have to do.

See, in a Capitalist System, there is this thing called Artificial Scarcity, where the System has to make things that are abundant seem scarce so that people will work their lives away to pay for shit that should be freely available, so that people will see things that should be their human right to have as a privilege to obtain.

So you have the Education Lottery, the Good Job Lottery, the Entertanment Lottery, the Inheritance Lottery, the Wicked Jump Shot Lottery; all kinds of Lotteries where select groups of Blacks compete for limited spots and titles; we struggle for more comfortable cages in this sick system, then brag that we have gold bars and brand name bunks in our cages while others just got plain cages.  We think our consumption capacity (ability to buy goods and services) makes us better than those with a lower consumption capacity, when we’re all just humans struggling to get that “paper” that governs our lives.

So, it’s not as simple as “what I’d do with the money,” because money is just a symbol, it’s the culture, ideology, and outlook that is as important, if not more important than the money.

So, if I won any Lottery, I’d have to get with the program, or, I would have to put all of those resources into the struggle for Liberation; there’s no in between.