Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Cannabis Legalization.

I suspect that the Fascist, Repressive, and Regressive Government of the US is allowing Canibis to gradually become legal for public production and consumption because they know that human cancer rates are set to explode due to Fukushima fallout and the undocumented spillage from all the aging Nuclear Power Plants all over the so-called Developed World, and that don’t count for the mutations, deformities, and other chronic health issues that come with living on a polluted planet.

The Elite know that they don’t have the medical infrastructure to deal with all the health issues that their industrial production causes, and they damn sure ain’t gonna spend the dollars needed to care for all the medical problems of all the people who are harmed by pollution, radiation, and processed food.

So why not just let the whole country smoke up and Die High?

Plus, they get tax revenues for the Elite siphon, and it gets them closer to their population reduction levels, all the while the masses are under the illusion that the State is opening up and giving us more freedoms.