The Process: Demonization | Enslavement | Ghettoization | Genocide

The US population with the highest incarceration rates (per capita), the highest rates of youth homicides, suicides, poverty, the lowest rates of literacy, the lowest life expectancy, the highest infant mortality rate, the highest rates of chronic disease affliction, and that suffers them most blatant racial insults in this society are the Native Americans. They are not counted as citizens so these stats are often hidden.

This society loves to point to some wealthy tribes who are awash in casino money to whitewash the reality of the Naive American condition (like they do when they parade rich Black people in the media); but that is not an honest representation of the state of the First Nations.

Native women are raped with impunity, Native youth spiral into the deep depression that can only be brought about by systemic oppression; and succumb to drugs, gang violence, and other self destructive behaviors. Native Nations are flooded with drugs, toxic processed foods, and negative media representations which take their toll, and locks them in to multi-generational poverty and powerlessness.

Native freedom fighters like Leonard Peltier are locked up on trumped up charges, they are assassinated like many members of the American Indian Movement, or ostracized for telling the truth like Ward Churchill. We have national teams like the Red Skins or the Chicago Blackhawks who pimp the imagery and culture of the Native Peoples to the delight of fans of all races.

So, to you people who love to castigate the Black poor and oppressed masses, blame them for the drugs, incarceration, and homicides; what do you think is wrong with the Natives? Are they too “lazy, ignorant, no-good, trash,” like the “Niggas” you love to denounce and try to separate yourself from? Are they too failing to take advantage of all the great opportunities that this nation, which you love so much, offers them? Are they just as messed up as Black people because they are bad like us, and not as good, responsible, and hard working as the White majority?

The fact is, they are, like us being subjected to Genocidal Oppression. There are only two responses to genocide; you either organize to oppose your oppressor, or you descend into self-destructive, cannibalistic social behaviors. All people subjected to systematic genocide response the same way; resist or submit. We have countless examples because the European has repeated their ‘demonetization, to enslavement, to ghettoization, to genocide,’ program all over the world.

The Natives of Australia, Central Asia, China, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Frozen North, the Pacific Islands, and even Central and Eastern Europe have all been subjected to this process! There is not one populated land mass where this program has not been implemented by the Europeans! Some areas you got total extermination as a result, others ended up with mass poverty and dysfunction, and in a few lands, the Natives were able to fight off the genocidal aggression, but were still scarred.

So, you Black people who keep posting shit about the homicides, the gangs, and the ratchetness of us “Niggas,” need to develop a wider view of what’s happening here. Yall need a radical analysis, an African perspective, and a Revolutionary response; or yall need to just shut the fuck up. This is much more complex than Bad Niggas, and Good African-Americans. Frankly, you who fail to give this issue the time and understanding it requires, but spew crap about “what’s wrong with us,” as a people, are just as much Agents of Genocide as these “Niggas” yall love to denounce on Social Media.

For those who truly care, who are willing to do the work required; please understand that the only way out is Pan-African Revolution, there is no other way.