Have you ever had Pan-african doubts before or doubt that its actually possible?

I’ve never doubted the tenants or merits of Pan-Africanism.  As Kwame Ture stated; “African was on a natural path towards Pan-African unification,” but it was disrupted by Arab and European invasions, colonization, and cultural contamination.  However, even when things were at their worst Africans have had a natural leaning towards Liberation and Pan-Africanism, and have been steadily progressing towards that end.  That’s why our many enemies have had to keep up their assaults, disruptions, and atrocities to break that stride, but they’ve never been able to fully stop it.

There is not doubt that in time Africa will see full Liberation and Africans across the global will have Pan-African unity, but there is one catch; Ecocide. 

The Systems and Institutions of White Domination are destroying the very life sustaining capacity of the earth, so we can’t assume that the world will be inhabitable by complex lifeforms in the coming decades if we don’t totally dismantle the Systems of White Domination along with Industrial Capitalism.  That’s the other side to the coin. 

If we freed and united all Africans but left Capitalism in place, or allowed White Domination to have a foothold in other regions of the globe, then our Liberation struggle will still be doomed because of the Ecocide and eventual Omnicide that the Western Culture and Mentality is imposing on the World.  So time is of the essence.  We need full confidence in Pan-Africanism, but we also need to intensify our drive to build Pan-Africanism and dismantel the Systems and Institions of White Domination.