Fighting Feminism by Opposing Sexism…

Brothers, if you recognize and oppose the damaging impact Feminism has on the Black community, relations between Black men and women, and our struggle for liberation; then you need to attack the problem at its core.

The core of the problem is the Sexism, abuse, and devaluing of Black women by Black men. The Black Misogynist is the White Feminist’s number one ally in the Black community, not Black Feminist, but she’s a close second.

If not for the Black Misogynist the Feminist would not have a foothold in our communities, we could focus on the larger systems of White Domination instead of having to debate about whether or not Black men are part of or benefit from the Patriarchal aspect of White Domination.

Some of these Brothers out here that get mass support from the Black conscious community hate women, and Black women in particular; and we give them muthafuckas a pass. I keep telling yall we can’t Liberate ourselves and hold to Western concepts of Men being superior to or dominating women. Listen to all these fools who rail against White Supremacy, then when a Sister comes on the scene they flip to Puritanical views and behaviors towards Black woman, (who’s Whiter than Puritians).

So if you don’t listen the legitimate gripes of Black women, if you don’t aid them in the issues that are of value to and unique to them, if you don’t fight Sexism, and check the men in your circles when they degrade Black women, or womanhood in general; then as far as I’m concerned you are nothing more than a puppet and tool for the White Feminist.

You fight Feminism by bringing balance between Black men and women in our community, not by attack women who assert their power and humanity, who demand to be treated with respect.

I’m all for critiquing, exposing, and even denouncing Feminism; but if we as Black men allow our anti-Feminist positions to be a cover for Misogyny, and the ongoing abuse of Black women, then we are doing the work of the Feminist for them.

Fight Feminism by fully supporting Black Women!