Obama: History’s Most Militant Black Man.

When the Zionist were under attack Obama stated that he respected and supported their right to self-defense; while giving them the largest military aid package in history.

Obama negotiated and signed off on the biggest arms deal to Saudi Arabi in history, Arabi is a nation known no only for treating its women as chattel property of men it also funds the global Wahhabism; which is what Obama is supposed to be fighting against in the War on Terror.

Obama has also provoked a new Cold War with Russia due to his administration’s attempts to expand Nato: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization up to Russia’s borders and also going beyond NATO’s mandate by using NATO troops in Asia and Africa.

Obama has continued a Bush policy of scaling down the US nuclear arsenal so that nukes can be used in urban and guerrilla warfare; which is a violation of several treaties including the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

Obama and Heelary are both guilty of carrying out coups in the Ukraine, Lybia, Houndours, and at least a half-dozen other nations. This is a violation of additional treaties and UN policies; supporting coups is international war crimes.

Obama has continued and greatly expanded Bush’s drone bombing and summary assassination program of foreign and US citizens. This is a violation of the US Constitution and interaction treate3is.

Just think about all of this when you listen to Obama denounce Black Reactionary Violence, and when tell us that violence is not the answer.

Also, remember that gun sales and membership in Right Wing, White Nationalist, and openly Racist organizations exploded when he was elected. There have been many ties between these Racist organizations and police departments and military ranks. For 8 years Obama ignored this and left the Black community exposed to this social trend. He was within his power to at least form an investigative committee or even an FBI task force to track these White Nationalist and expose their links to PDs and the military, but he did nothing for 7+ years!

So, if you are listening to anything Obama, Heelary, or their Administration has to say about Black people and the actions of our community members you are a fool. I’m sorry, but there is no other way to say it.

Obama has forfeited his right to tell us anything, especially about violence or our response to it.

Obama is the most militant and violent Black man in the world; maybe even in history because he’s the only Black man that has been Commander and Chief of a Modern White Imperialist Army.

So, if you are anti-violence, and anti-Reactionary Violence, you should be denouncing Obama as vehemently as you denounce the alleged shooters that he is denouncing.

Justice is Justices, Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong; I don’t care about your title.

I’m anti-Violence, not just street violence, but anti-State Violence as well. If you support State violence but denounce only street violence, then you are a support of violence, you are still pro-violence. Also, State Violence is the root of all violence in society.