Have you ever heard of transhumanism? What are your thoughts on it?

Whites have been trying to conquer Nature for centuries and have utterly failed.  Now they want to render Nature obsolete.  What they could not conquer they kill; and they are killing Nature, the world’s ecosystems, and all of the creatures that depend on it; unfortunately, they depend on it also, and that’s where Transhumanism comes in.

Crazy muthafuckas what to merge human biology with Western technology and make a New Being, one that is not limited by dumb shit like the need to eat uncontaminated food, drink clean water, and breath fresh air.  That way they can continue their Ecocide, and sell Tranhuman technology and biological upgrades to the highest bidders. 

These muthafuckas have already constructed a world where people have to pay to live, now they want us to pay to stay alive.  You will not just be paying for food, clothing, and shelter, you will be paying for lungs that can breath the air they have polluted, for a digestive systems that can process the GMOs they are feeding us, for a brain that can withstand the R-waves and radiation they emit.

The Transhumanist talk about a new dawn, and new horizons for humanity, but so did the fucking Nazis, fuck the rhetoric; we know what happens when these folks get to fucking around with new tech.  They got civilization from Africans, and the constructed genocidal empires, they got gunpowder from Asia and they made the Gatling gun, they got relativity from Einstein and they make nukes; so what the fuck we think they gon do with Transhuman technology?

Western technology has always created a dozen problems for every solution it offered.  That’s because Western Culture is alienated from nature, from the very ecosystems that give and sustain life.

These muthafucks intend to rape, pollute, and profit from the planet until we reach total planetary collapse, they plan to use Transhuman technology to survive as the masses of humanity goes extinct along with all of the plant and animals species, then they intent to find another viable planet, or terraform the moon & Mars and do the same shit all over again.  Sick Muthafuckas!

Of course, as with all of other psychopathic schemes coming from Western Culture, there will be Toms, Sell-Outs, and New Negros from our Race who embrace this bullshit, and try to promote it among our people.

Don’t go for the okie doke, and swallow all of the propaganda about Transhumanism and how it will save humanity and advance humanity, that’s bullshit.  They said the same shit about Capitalism, about splitting the atom, they said that they were saving and advancing humanity while they were fucking colonizing and enslaving the world.  Don’t buy that shit.

These muthafuckas have a God complex, and not the Jesus-type God, I’m talking about their Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods; those cannibalistic, rapist, bestiality practicing, mass murdering Gods; those are always the Gods they serve,d even when they talk that Jesus mess.

Anyway, yeah I heard of Transhumanism, and I ain’t with that shit.