Why do so many pro-Black men love White women?

Wow, what a loaded question; how can I answer it without having it explode in my face? There are many correct and seemingly contradictory answers to your question, I’ll share just a few of them, I’ll also see if I can dissect your question and get to the root of what you are really asking me. 

So, HERE GO THE ANSWERS! (In my frantic Kanye Voice.)

  1. Because pro-Blackness as an ideology dosen’t exclude Black men from loving those of other races, in particular the women of other Races.  Because pro-Whiteness (aka: White Nationalism) is most often rooted in the hatred, discrimination, inferiorization (Niggerization), colonization, enslavment, oppression, and genocide of other Races; it is mistakenly assumed that other Races have the same tendencies when they hold to Nationalistic, or Race Pride Ideologies; but that’s not the case.
    *I know this answer is quite unsatisfying, but better, and equally correct answers are coming up.
  2. They don’t.
  3. Because Black men have been subjected to intensive propaganda about the beauty, femininity, and desirability of White women; while also being subjected to intensive propaganda and indoctrination about the ugliness, harshness, and undesirability of Black women; and even though Black men express pro-Black sentiments, they  have not fully shed this indoctrination. 
  4. Because Biology trumps Ideology.  What I mean by that is, our biological needs and desires don’t really give a fuck about our ideology; and people will cross Racial, Ideological, Political, National, even legal barriers to engage in sex with one, or more people from oppositional groups when they feel a sexual attraction to, or an emotional attraction. So pro-Black men love White women for the same reason racist White men love Black women, Zionist Jews love Palestine women, fanatical Arab men love infidel non-Muslim women, and why Vaishya men love Dalit women, etc. (Love in this context could also mean “have sex with.”)  Now, I’m not suggesting that Love (sex) conquers all or breaks down conflicts, because after members of these hostile groups connect, the larger conflicts between their groups continues, and often intensifies in the lives of the “mixed couple” who choose to cross those ideological/cultural/ethnic/racial barriers. 
  5. Because White women were one of the last “privileges” Black men were allowed to enjoy after the end of Chattel Enslavement, and fall of Jim Crow.  Black men got the freedom, the vote, jobs, and most other freedoms, but the White woman, as a whole was denied Black men, and the most severe torture and brutal murder was reserved for Black men who so much as looked at a White woman for too long.  Now, we all know what happens when something is denied a people for generations, they can often develop an unnatural obsession with what is denied them.  Kinda like White people’s deep desire to use (what we’ve taken to calling) the N-Word.  Whites have, literally, millions of racial slurs available to them; but they just gotta go with the one that’s most taboo for them to use, even when it cost them greatly.  It’s the same for pro-Black men and White women. I call this the Forbidden Fruit Complex.

I guess five answers to one question is more than enough; but there are more, and that’s only if we accept the premise of your question, that pro-Black men actually do love White women.

Are we talking about all White women, cuz not even White Women love all White women.  Are we talking about the White woman as a social construct, as an idea or concept, as oppose to actual White individual women?

Then we have to deal with pro-Blackness as an ideology or world view; what the hell does it mean; is pro-Blackness pro Obama and Clarance Thomas? Blackness is wide and varied, to be pro some elements of Blackness, you’d have to be anti other elements.  So pro-Blackness is a pretty empty stance when you really examine it. 

If you are dealing with why pro-Black men who love individual White women, I’m sure if you asked them, they’d all have a different answer for you, I don’t think there’s one answer when we are dealing with the complexity of individual human relationships; that’s why I deal with the arena of Political, Historical, Economic, Racial, and Cultural relations and conflicts; cuz when you get to the individual level, it’s far too messy.  LoL!

I don’t think however that you automatically not down for the empowerment and liberation of Black people while married to a non-Black, or White spouse; just look at Frederick Douglass, Frantz Fanon, Cheikh Anta Diop, and Amiri Baraka, great Africans who made great contributions to the just aspirations of Black people and had White wives.  I know that’s gonna piss off some Black Nationalist who have ideological purity, but it’s true nonetheless.  Also, I’d even give props to Van Jones, for his work in promoting ecology among the poor Blacks in the US, and he’s married to a White wife; I think, you’ll have to Google that for confirm, I don’t feel like it.

Also, I get contacted by Black men and women in interracial marriages who want to contribute to the Black struggle but feel ostracized, and unwelcome; I don’t think we can afford that kinda “ideological purity” at this stage, if at any stage of the struggle. TBH.  So when they reach out to me, I reach back to them. 

I know I’ve most likely created more questions than I answered, but that’s your fault for asking me such a loaded question.  I don’t know why folks is asking me about relationships, sex, and even worse; interracial sex and relationships; that’s not really my arena.

Lets back to Religion, Geopolitics, History, Revolution, and other less volatile topics.  Please.

Oh wait, I know this response is long, but I know I can’t leave it without dealing with the issue of Black women being unable to find Black men to partner with.

Sex is primal, but marriage (and child rearing) is political/economic/cultural; and when Black men fail to make life long bonds with Black women we do lose ground politically, economically, and culturally.  But I don’t think attacking Black men who marry White women is the solution because if the Homie is marrying a Black woman with the notion that he’s saving her instead of partnering with her; if he’s with her solely out of some grand Racial Obligation and not with her based on a desire to merge and build with her, as a woman; then we are gonna produce some toxic households and families, and we already got enough of that.

We have to build (intimately) with those who enthusiastically want to build with us, and not chase those who don’t have that desire. 

So, if we are in a region or era were there are many women who lack partners, and too few men; then it’s time for us to develop polygamous households, or for women who share the same “baby daddy” to form formal alliances for their co-mamas (the women who have children with the man who fathered her children), for their own emotional/economic health and for the benefit of the children.  (I’m sorry, but you asked, so I’m telling, you can stop rolling your eyes now.)  I don’t know if this helps but I also support monogamy, polyamory and polyandrous relationships; any formations that allow Africans to reach their potential, rear our children, and contribute to our Liberation Struggle.  So calm down.

My father had children with (at least) 5 women; and I have bonds with those “half” siblings.  I wish my mother had at least reached out to the mothers of my brothers and sisters and cooperated, shared resources, and built a legacy together, regardless of what my father did or didn’t do; but that’ just my opinion. I shared it with my mother (after I was too grown for her to slap my face) and she, to my surprise, expressed that it was a good idea, and she wish she had thought of that.  

Now that I think I’ve thoroughly pissed offer everyone who may come across this post, I’ll stop here.

Oh wait, I need a Gif (pronounced: “Gif,” fuck what you heard) that will represent your question and piss off anyone who isn’t already unfriending, unfollowing, or blocking me.  LoL!

(I think this will definitely be my last question about sex, love, and relationships.)