Trans Faces in High Places.

If you think a Transgender woman
on the cover of a major fashion magazine is a signal of the US or
Western Culture in general becoming more open, more liberal, more
progressive; think again.

As I’ve stated time and time again the Gay Rights Movement is an integrationist movement, and all integrationist movements are Reactionary
by nature.  They don’t bring justice to a society or system, they just
allow for more people to integrate into the unjust systems of society.  

mainstream is as Racist, Discriminatory, even Sexist, and oppressive as
the mainstream culture it is seeking open acceptance with in.  

If you are a LGBTQAI ally, a Liberal, a progressive and you are boosting that Vanity Fair cover with Caitlyn Jenner, but you’ve never expressed support for CeCe McDonald,
the Transgender Black woman who cut the throat of a Neo-Nazi in
self-defense, and was then railroaded into prison for defending her
life; then you ain’t about justice, not only are not bout about justice
for the LGBTQAI community, your ass ain’t down for basic human justice,
you are just on a corporate media constructed bandwagon.  

mean, I can’t fucking log to any progressive site, or social media
without seeing Jenner! WTF anything about him got to do about us, even
working-class, poor, and non-White LGBTQAI’s?  Do yall really think the
media’s embrace of Jenner gon translate into any benifits for you or
your community?  

Is the Black LGBTQAI community gonna for the
Gay Faces in High Places, or Trans Faces in High Places; like the larger
community has been falling for the Black Faces in High Places trick for
the last 100+ years?  ‪#‎FOH‬.

If you get the urge to post your support for Jenner, think again, post something by James Baldwin or Alice Dunbar Nelson
instead.  Share a supportive statement for CeCe McDonald’s heroic act
of defiance.  Post something in support of sisters being subjected to Corrective rape in South Africa, or those LGBTQs being brutally beaten in the streets in African and Caribbean cities.  

I mean damn, how they fuck your support for the LGBTQAI show up as
posting the fucking Vanity Fair cover?  Really?  Wake the fuck up.