Nope this blog the feds, you’re trying to lure some radical blakk people nope, too good to be true lol





No, I’m not the Feds.

Yes I’m working to attract Radical Blacks to Revolutinary Pan-Africanism, and provide insights on the Struggle.

The True-ness can be verified through research, the Goodness is subjective and for each reader to decide on their own.

LMAO!  Lure them to what?  Cooperative Enterprises?  Political Empowerment?  Cultural Freedom?  If so, what is your Conversion Rate, Diallo?

Military strategy is very deceitful. To be honest I thought the same thing when I saw his blog. Your a little too quick to laugh off the possibility. His info is well researched but that just makes him better bait. I can’t tell you he is or isn’t but you can’t underestimate your enemy. 

But answer the question tho: lure you to what??

I don’t give specific instructions unless I have specific details about the person/people I’m dealing with and the environment they are working within, so generally Co-op Econ, Political Empowerment, and Cultural Freedom are key, but how to specifically execute will vary from region to region and formation to formation. 

I’m not luring anyone to anything.  I don’t lure.  Luring implies deception, which I don’t engage in, as in a fishing lure.  The proper term to me is attract, I want people to be exposed to the ideas, concepts, and insights and simply make their own decision as to what to do in response, that’s the purest purpose of education.  Specifically, I think they best way for any African to engage the world is through Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, so if I am asked directly for guidance, that is where I would direct anyone.

I did not take the accusation of being a “Fed” seriously from Anon, and I don’t think they meant it that way, but I’ll speak on it seriously for a sec:

If providing Pan-African insights is enough to garner suspicion, without any additional evidence, then we have much bigger issues than even I recognized. That’s reactionary and self-canceling.  Hell, how should one speak on such issues to avoid such labeling? 

Agent-Baiting has been a real issue since the Garvey Era, therefore when it comes to honest suspicion and real accusations we need to seek evidence, verification, and take immediate actions; agents are nothing to play with, but neither is the research and ideologies that feed our Struggle.