Atrocity Yesterday, Riot Today, but Tomorrow…..


Here’s the move; the #MikeBrown family will file a federal (non-criminal) civil lawsuit, they will be paid off, and they will either be recruited as anti-Gun and anti-Violence activist by the White Liberal mainstream like Trayvon’s parents, or they will take their money and fade into relative obscurity like the family of Amadou Diallo or like Abner Louima did.

We need to understand, the White Elites didn’t let Officer Wilson go because they care about some uneducated, racist, low level government cog in their machine, they send thousands of boys like him to die on oil rigs or in foreign war zones without batting an eye. They allow even more of the White masses like him to live in poverty and ignorance without any access to the ill-gotten spoils of Global White Domination.

They let Officer Wilson walk because they can’t set the Legal precedent of holding a White man (or any official representatives of the White Power Structure) accountable for committing any atrocities against the victims of White Domination. That would be a dangerous precedent that they can’t allow.

If Officer Wilson killed Mike Brown while off duty, then maybe he could be taken down, but not in an official capacity, not while wearing the badge.

Some of you may say; “Zimmerman wasn’t a cop, but he get off.” I encourage you to look at the police conduct after the shooting, how they handled the case, Zimmerman got off because his conviction would have opened the police to litigation, it would have made the police accomplices to Zimmerman’s crimes.

The system and institution of Global White Domination is an atrocity inducing system, and it would collapse overnight if it didn’t commit ongoing atrocities all over the world every single day. If the System of GWD ever admitted to those atrocities, or allowed itself to be held legally accountable for its atrocities, it would mean the end to this System.

So, they are not protecting Officer Wilson, they are protecting what he represents, they are protecting and legitimizing this System, a System we are all subject to, and a System the majority of Black people in the US support and derive some benefit from.

Many Black people who are outraged about the Officer Wilson decision happily and mindlessly support other atrocities because those atrocities bring them direct benefits.

Look at all the Black people who wear gold and diamonds; are you telling me the lives of our people lost in the Congo, Sierra Leone or in South African Gold mines are less valuable than Mike Brown’s? Look at all the Black people who run out the buy the latest phone on the market, while ignoring the fact that all of our devices contain Blood Coltan. Look at how the Black majority supported or ignored the many atrocities the Obama Administration has committed (to sustain the Systems and Institutions of White Domination) because he and his family are so fine, because they are so in love with the public image created for him by the best Marketing and PR firms his funders could buy.

If we really want to end the atrocities, not just the atrocities that hit close to home, but all of the atrocities that sustain this entire System that we live within, and many of us derive a level of comfort from, then we have to stop with the “from one atrocity to the next atrocity uprisings,” from Oscar Grant, to Trayvon, to Mike Brown and beyond approaches, we need a Holistic and Sustained Revolutionary solution.

This Atrocity Inducing System has many vulnerabilities and choke-points that we could exploit if we ever took a Revolutionary Approach based on Radical Analysis, instead of our usual Reactionary Protest, Demonstrations, Activism, and Rebellions.

I’m not seeking to condemn the actions of any of our Brothers and Sisters in the streets, but we can’t ignore the fact that we’ve been here so many times before, and we’ve been implementing the same ineffective solutions for the last 50+ years; and we are failing both our ancestors and our descendants if we are unwilling to refine, improve, and intensify our Struggle for Liberation, and that improvement will only come if we are willing to look critically at where we stand and how we are mobilized today.