Is FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) part of the white supremacist structure ?

Hells yeah it is!

Since the time of the Greeks and Romans, sports has been central to Imperlism and population control. 

I’m in the US, so I know more about the details of how Pro-Sports and Pro Ball-Chasers support and feed the White Domination Structure (not supremacist, there’s nothing supreme about invasion, rape, ecocide, oppression, etc.).

But I have observed the deeply corrupt FIFA and the IOC; it’s not just about money, it’s all about empire and influence. 

I advocate the localization of sports, communal sports and fitness, the socialization of sports.  The last game I attended and watched was my 6 year old son’s ‘biddy’ basketball game.  The crowd was as enthusiastic and entertained as any group watching a pro sports game, and we didn’t have to give millions to billionaires.  If we could bring sports back down to the community level and take it out of the hands of the 1%, the multinational corporations, and imperial governments, we will deal a mighty blow to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.

But this struggle to get men to surrender pro-sports is one of the hardest.  Even Conscious and Nationalist cheer on “their team” like all other patriotic Americans.  They don’t see the contradictions embedded in calling a team owned by a greedy capitalist, “their team.”  All of the militant stances of most Black men just break down when it’s time to watch ball-chasers chase basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc. 

One of the best books I’ve read on the issue most recently was America Strikes Out; it’s not really a radical analysis, but it offers some good insights, especially for a person like me who never watches pro-sports.  I know it’s not about FIFA, but the processes and methods are universal. 

Also, I follow Dave Zirin from the Edge of Sports.  He’s the best sports reporter in the us, but again, this is coming from someone who’s never sat through a pro ballgame in my life, so, you might know someone better.  Zirin just makes great connections between sports and politics. 

Side Note:  Ya know, I was complaining when folks were asking me questions about sex and relationships, but now questions concerning sports are my new least favorite.  I ain’t saying you can’t ask, I’m just saying I’m probably not the best qualified to answer.