Brother Diallo, why are you an atheist?

I’m an Atheist because there is no evidence of God; the moment someone demonstrates any evidence of God I will no longer be an Atheist. 

Also, I have to make a minor correction: I’m an Anti-Theist.

I don’t simply accept that God is a mass delusion humanity has imposed on ourselves, I also actively work to deconstruct that delusion, I act against Religion, Faith, Belief, and the Power of Religion, Faith, Belief. 

People always argue that we should respect people faith or beliefs, but I reject that, I only respect respectable shit.

If people belief that Whites are superior to Blacks, or men are superior to women we don’t argue for respect of their delusions, but if I say I believe in a God who is above all of humanity, above all living things, we supposed to be cool with that? To me, it’s as offensive to promote the delusion that there is a God above all as it is to promote the delusion that there is a Race above all others. 

So, all Evangelical, Missionary, and Imperialist Religions and Spiritualist Systems need to be exposed, denounced, mocked, and countered. 

If we fail to do so Religion will continue to promote and spread conflicts and atrocities, just like all other Delusional Supremacist Belief Systems.