I know that ancient Egyptians were darker colored people. No teacher I’ve had has ever been able to tell me why and the internet has so many different answers. I am just curious, how did they get to be so much lighter?

Egyptians got so much lighter the same way…


Canadians, Occupants of the United States, Mexicans, and South Americans,

…got so much lighter.  Through centuries of invasions, colonization, systematic rape, genocide, and destruction of their history and historical artificial.  Islamic invaders followed the same patterns as Christian Invaders.  So, now when we think of an Australian, a Canadian, American, or even an Egyptian we see:

Now, North Africa has been going through this “lightening” process much longer than the Natives of the so-called New World, but the process hasn’t changed much.  In all of these White/Arab nations, there are still natives living in various level of subjugation under the oppression of the “lighter” colonizers of their lands.  

There are still Native Egyptians in Egypt, but you will not find these Africans in positions of power and authority in the Egyptian Government, or other institutions.

In the West we tend to be ignorant of the Arab/Islamic Racism imposed on Africans, and the African Diaspora; but it’s as real as the White/Christian Racism we are all too familiar with in the West.

Peep Cheikh Anta Diop’s research and writings if you want more insights into the subject, or Dr. Ben, or the late, great Dr. Clarke: