Say you encounter some new negro and he or she says, all human beings are the same and that if europeans aint did what it did across the world, Africans would have done the same things. How would you respond?

Shit, I’ve encountered this very New Negro on way too many occasions.

With the first assertion, bout all human beings being the same, I wouldn’t try to dispute him, because he’s not really talking about “all human beings” he’s really only talking about himself.  See, the New Negros refuses, or simply cannot see any distinction between themselves and their oppressors, they seek to be one with them, and fight those who seek to create any separations between them and their oppressors.  They say, “we are all the same,” but that actually translates into “we are all White people, just some of us are White people with dark skin." 

So if a New Negro says "we” you can understand that they generally mean “I” and that they are projectioning their sentiments onto the entire Black Race or humanity in general.

So, when a NN asserts “we are all the same,” I respond, “yes YOU are the same.” Then I move on.

As for Africans behaving just like White folks if given the opportunity, that’s really easy to dispel, it’s one of the most easily dispelled myths in the world.

The reason is because Africans had Empires, Civilization, Technology, Science, Global Exploration, and all that other shit centuries before Europeans and for centuries longer than Europeans; and now that the historical record has been revealed by both African and non-African historians, anthropologist, and scientist, we can confidently determine the nature and importance of African Civilization, African Philosophy, African Technology, and the general pre-colonial African World View.

We didn’t destroy and pollute the world’s ecosystems, we didn’t base our economies on mass enslavement and perpetual warfare, we didn’t even use Jewish slaves, or any type of slaves to build the pyramids, we didn’t drive thousands of animal and plant species into extinction for nothing more than the accumulation of fiat currency or to boots quarterly profits of parasitic corporation.  Sorry, we didn’t.

Now White Racist argue that we lacked the intellectual capacity to develop omnicidal technologies and weapons of conquest, but if we did, then we’d have behaved like Western Cultures, but that’s not true either, because when we’ve had access to them, we still didn’t behave as they do.  We’ve had opportunities to mass slaughter Whites who’ve oppressed us, and we didn’t.  We’ve had opportunities to build nuclear arsenals, and we didn’t, for better or worse. 

Hell, if Black people were the same as Whites, if we were as blood thirsty and Gangsta as they say we are, then they wouldn’t have to use their billion dollar media empires promoting us as such.  They wouldn’t need individuals like Jay Z to promote Gangsterism to Black youth if we were naturally Gangstas like the Thuggish Imperialist out of Western Europe.

Now, I don’t argue that pre-colonial Africa was a utopia, or that African people don’t have many faults, just review my blog if you wanna know my issues with African people in Africa and the African Diaspora. 

But for all of our problems and issues, being like White people ain’t one of them, if we were you’d be able to find a population of Whites somewhere in the world who were in mass invaded, raped, mutilated, trill killed, and exterminated by Africans, who had their land stolen by Africans, who speak African languages and worship African gods somewhere in this world today. 

Check out “The IceMan Inheritance.”