If the Ottoman Empire would have successfully conquered the European contintent could this have been benefited Africa and africans in order to liberate themselves from those european colonial powers ? Note: By no means do I suggest that africa should unite with the Ottomans as I am fully aware that arab muslims started to colonize parts of africa and started with the enslaving of africans and imposing their sick religion on enslaved africans so fuck them ! We have no friends !

I think you kinda answered you own question.  The Ottomans were enslavers and colonist who were not better than Europeans. 

Dr. John Henrik Clarke often spoke on the tendency of Africans to imagine that trading one conquer for a different conquer would mean any difference to our overall conditions and social standing.  It never has.  We don’t even need to go back to the Ottomans to see this.  Right now we have Africans who think that Africa will fair better under Chinese Colonialism then it has under European or Arab Colonialism. SMH.

Until we, as a people, on a global scale adopt the unbreakable stance; “Death to All Colonizers/Enslavers/Oppressors!,” we will keep training oppressors until we are extinct and the planet is rendered totally incapable of supporting complex life forms.