Suburban Slums & Inner-City Gentrification.

Whites, in the post WWII era embarked on a Ghettoization agenda for it’s Black Subjects; they spent decades divesting from and Redlining the inner-cities of America. They concentrated poor Blacks (whom were robbed of their wealth and terrorized into fleeing the deep South) in the inner-cities, flooded the inner-cities with Heroine and Crack, allowed the criminal element to operate with almost impunity, and broadcast the chaos of the Hood to the world with their global media apparatus. We simply occupied the slums abandoned by European Immigrants, until the finished the construction of the Highrise Projects in the 70s.

Having had our Revolutionary leadership decapitated and our Revolutionary organizations criminalized by COINTELPRO we were unable to erect countermeasures; so the Black masses when into individualistic survival mode, which left us ripe for today’s agenda of Gentrification.

Now, in the Post-Carbon Economy, the suburbs are no longer viable; and the inner-cities with their population density, Walkability, and solid infrastructure will be the new affluent and sustainable regions of the nation, and the national economy.

Therefore, just as our Grands and our Great-grands were up rooted from the South, we today are being up rooted from the inner-cities. We are being tricked and herded into the suburbs to occupy the (poorly constructed) McMansions the Whites are systematically abandoning for bungalows, lofts, and brownstones in the Hood. They already tore down the projects, and dispersed us so to avoid us forming the kinda movements we developed in the 60s, they have continued to allow the criminal gangs and drug trade to flourish, and they are using their media apparatus to portray the Hood the the worst light.

They don’t even use inner-city when dealing with Whites in the Hood, with them every damn thing is Urban because Urban don’t hold the stigma or Black hue of inner-city.

The poverty pimps and activist are still pushing the “get a gud education, a gud job, and get out the hood,” hustle on us because they don’t understand the agenda or they are in open cooperation with our enemies.

I’m not suggestion we fight to hold on to the Hood, or that we accept the suburbs; at this fucking point I’m just begging people to Wake The Fuck Up! Just peep the fucking Game!!

We can’t even construct countermeasures when the masses of our people are ignorant of what’s going on, or see the problem as a blessed solution.

So I will not even get into my proposed solutions, I am advocating that we accept that we are having many pernicious agendas carried out against us, while we mistakenly keep saying “we are our own worst enemy.” We are not now, nor have we ever been our own best salvation, and we need to get organized.