Why didn’t you marry and have kids with a white-caucasian-european woman? And how do you feel about some of the revered black ancestors that fucked around with white women, like Dr Clarke or Douglass? Do you share the opinion that some black folk have that they were traitors or weak? What do you think about black folks that marry or sleep with whites?

1. Because I’m not talented enough to play pro-sports or secure a lucrative record deal. JK! 

Naw, but in reality, I was groomed from a young age by the Black women who raised me to be seek, court, and marry a Black woman.  So at like the age of 7 I knew that when I was ready to marry it would have to be a Black woman.  My great aunt used to tell me; “boy we didn’t raise you, feed you, and educate you so you could marry some White woman.” LOL!  Not that I needed all of convincing and prodding, but I guess they wanted to make sure.  There are many other reasons as well, why I married a Black woman, and the particular Black woman that I married (it ain’t like that was my only criteria, that she be Black); but it did have a lot to do with my acculturation and my life’s aspirations. 

2. I’m am regretful for their (Clarke/Douglass) contributions to our struggle and our collective enlightenment.

3. No, I don’t think Dr. Clarke or Douglass were traitors because I’m not a fucking idiot.

4. I don’t think sleeping with non-Black folks or even marrying a non-Black spouse automatically makes you a traitor; any more than having a beautiful Black spouse automatically means you are down for your people (just ask the Obamas). History has demonstrated that Blacks married to non-Black spouses can make positive contributions to the just aspirations of our people. Just look at Diop, Fanon, and, again Douglas.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright did articulate that having a Black spouse should be a mandate for anyone who seeks to lead a Pan-African or Black Revolutionary organization or nation; but Kwame Nkrumah would have been ineligible for leadership if we held hard and fast to that policy; so we still need to exercise some flexibility there.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give your the hard, fast, absolutist position, but that would require me to put Ideology over Evidence and Rationality, and I don’t generally do that.