I saw your post where you mentionedthe Hebrew Israelites Iwanted to know more about them if you can explain to me moreabout them I would be grateful. I encountered one recently who look at me like I was the scum of the earth! You don’t know how it hurt my heart to see another sister in African Attire whom I assumed was “pro black” to treat me like that!My classmates told me that they tend to lookdown on otherblacks but I don’t want to generalize so I needed to ask someone who’s opinion I trust

Black Hebrews are a very diverse group, you have everything from pro-African, or Pan-African Hebrews to viciously anti-African Black Hebrews. 

Like all Religons, upon their founding the Black Hebrews split in to many diverse and often hostile sects.  That’s the nature of Religion.

There are a few unifying beliefs that Black Hebrews hold in common though, the beliefe in One God or Monotheism, that this God has a special or chosen people/nation above all other people or nation (which is ridiciouls, it’s ridicioulus when the White Jews profess this, it’s ridiciouls when the Black Jews profess this), they also hold to the obscene notion that our history of capture, transport, bondage, and enslavment is the will of God, that we brought these atrocities upon ourselves for not holding to our covenent with God, and that our salvation rest on us returning to Gods laws, and accepting our “chosen” status.

What’s ironic about that last common Black Hebrew belief that we were sent into bondage by our God is that it’s almost identical to the Ashkenazi (White) Jewish, White Christian, and Arab myth of the “Hamatic Curse,” in which God curse one of the son’s of Noah, marked hime with “dark skin,” and doomed him into servitude to his brothers; Europeans and Arabs who invaded, colonized, and enslaved us deemed us to be the “People of Ham,” and asserted that God blessed and supported our bondage.

The Black Hebrews assert that God sent us into bondage and servitude because we were special and he loved us, our enemies assert that God cursed us into servitude because we were the least among men and need to be brought to the light of God/Allah through laboring for his “actual” chosen people: the Arabs, White Jews, or Europeans.

Both sides of this issue are full of shit, and wrong, but I really don’t like how the Black Hebrews try to glamorize or mystify our oppression; it creates obstacles to understanding how we came to this and how to reverse it.

When we accept mythology, folklore, delusion, and lies as facts and structure our lives around them nothing of long lasting value can come of it.

I’ve been debadint Black Hebrews since the early 90s, but they are as steadfast in thier belifes as our Black Christian and Black Muslim Brothers and Sisters, no matter how many facts and how much evidence, or how much reason you offer them, they put belief and faith over reason and fact; that is the way of all believers, even though some are more fanatical than others.

Ultimately, we must link and build with our Brothers and Sisters who do not allow their personal and spiritual beliefs obstruct their efforts to liberate ourselves and build towards global Pan-Africanism, and those who are so dogmatic or delusional that they cannot even communicate respectfully with those they disagree with, we have to leave them to stew in their madness until they are willing to reach out and work constructively with us.

One more thing; just as Black Christians wanna paint Jesus Black and point to Ethiopia as the birthplace of Christianity and Africa as the birthplace of monotheism, and Black Muslims struggle to make Islam an African religion as opposed to a persistent enemy of Africa as it has been, Black Hebrews will assert that Blacks are the original or first Jews; but these twisted notions are not true, because none of these groups commune with God, or engage the doctrine as our African ancestors did, they all relate to the Religion and their Gods as their oppressors have taught them, using Holy Books published by their Oppressors in the language of their Oppressors, and the African roots of these faiths are long dead.

It’s akin to your ancestors growing some food, and instead of feeding off of the food directly, you allow you ancestor’s enemies to eat the food, digest it, shit it out, and feed it to you; then you proclaim that it’s OK, because your ancestors originally grew the food. 

I hate to be that graphic, but I think we need to stop coddling Africans who hold to and spread among us, the Gods of our Oppressor and the doctrine of our Oppressors, then they try to tell us it’s ours or that it was ours originally. FTS. #GiveThemBackTheirGods

We need an African Religious Reformation, where we purge all alien religious and spiritual systems and resurrect our ancestral gods, or invent new gods and goddesses to commune with.