I was in downtown Chicago this afternoon and I saw this Hipster White male wearing a tee-shirt that read; “Chiraq.”

How is this cool? Now folks are capitalizing off of the slaughter of Black youth in impoverished areas of South Chicago, not to mention the fact that the US military is responsible for the death of over 1million Iraqi children and the deformities of millions more due to the use of Depleted uranium.

I’m not without a sense of humor, but none of this shit is funny.

What if I came up with “Holocaust Swag tee-shits,” what if I put out a “Sandy Hookastan” tee-shirts?

Stop denying, ignoring, and making a mockery of our pain and the genocidal conditions being imposed on our people Goddamnit! This shit ain’t fucking funny.

I was in the car when I saw the muthafucka, but the next White person I see in some shit like that Imma call they asses out.

Ain’t shit funny, hip, ironic, or fashionable about South Chicago Homicides, or the US Genocidal Wars in Iraq, or the Congo, or South Asia, or on Native lands!