Hood Fights & New Negro Self-Hate.


Peep this:
A New Negro can hear about the Catholic church having a long history of
pedophile priest abusing children and the church covering it up.

They can hear about White Protestants having a long history of its
ministers soliciting gay prostitutes, overlooking child molestation, and
spousal abuse and covering it all up.

They can see case after
case of police murdering Black people, abusing people and denying their
constitutional rights, and all the other so-called “good cops” looking
the other way, or covering for their fellow officers.

They can
see the CEOs and Multinational corporations, Hedge Fund managers, and
Wall Street Investors, engage in massive drug abuse, wild sex parties
with high price call girls, and robbing entire nations of their wealth,
while never being indicted, let alone convicted.

They can see
politicians openly accept bribes (campaign donations), and do the
bidding of the 1% while neglecting their constitutional duties and
obligations to the 99% of the citizens.  

New Negros can see all
of this and so much more, they can see and hear about the corruption,
and dysfunction Religion, Police and Military forces, Capitalism, and
the US Political system; and never once denounce them.

You will
never find a New Negro who will condemn the Systems and Institutions of
White Domination no matter how much evil, corruption, and dysfunction
they see.

Tell me when you’ve seen a New Negro say; “I’m sick off
all this corruption, economic irresponsibility, and violence, I’m
trough with the government/religion/capitalism!”  When have your ever?

But these same New Negros will see a YouTube video of a crowd of Black
youth fighting in the streets, no one dies, just a Hood scrap; and these
Negros will not only denounce the entire Black Race, they will state
that they are done with their Race, that we deserve the oppression and
exploitation we suffer because we be hashing our shit out in the streets
with fist and guns.  

Ignoring that fact that we the cops and
courts don’t help us resolve our disputes, so we have no choice but to
take it to the Streets sometimes.

They will say that kids
fighting in the Streets is the worst form of violence, as the gladly pay
their taxes to the US Military Industrial Complex.

When you see
New Negros posting these Hood Fight Videos, and denouncing the Race,
make sure you tell their asses that they are self-hating hypocrites and