Weaponize African Features & Culture.

Imma say dis one mo time:

African hair texture, African features, and the wide range of African skin tones are not purely aesthetic, they historical, they are cultural, and they are POLITICAL!

Since the first non-Africans sought to rob us of our land, resources, freedom, and identity they have relentlessly attacked the African form. There has not been one single African invader or enemy who didn’t seek to not only mock our form, but to make us feel ashamed of and reject our form.

Even though the African is the genetic and morphological template for all humanity, all humanity has come to reject this and either consciously or unconsciously attack us because of this.

The European through brute forces and cunning propaganda has managed to make their features the global standard, and now we have African doing everything from wearing blonde hairdos to worshiping blonde hair gods.

Recapturing and elevating the African form and features is as important as liberating the African mind and body, in fact one cannot happen without the other.

If you take the position that you can “wear your hair however you want,” or that “it don’t matter how someone chooses to look,” or “even if I straighten my hair (or do anything else to cover or Eurosize your African features) that don’t mean I’m not proud of who I am,” they I think your are either irresponsible or delusional if not both.

Del Jones taught us that “90% of warfare is cultural, and only 10% is military,” so if we don’t begin to fight the War against Racism and White Domination culturally we have not chance of winning overall.

I understand the impulse to look other than our Ancestors because there isn’t one African in this nation who hasn’t been fed a steady diet of anti-African images and phrases, but we have to press through and not only embrace our beauty but Weaponize African Features and Culture