That’s Queer.

Gay people say they want justice in this society; but they manifest their desire for justice by seeking to openly serve in the US military, and by having their unions recognized by corrupt churches & this imperial government. That’s queer (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Also, when a member of the LGBTQ community is attacked, brutalized, and denied their rights; they are very good at uniting, rallying, and fighting for their community members…..except in the case of Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning, the greatest US solider since General Smedley Butler; has been tortured, unjustly imprisoned, denied his civil rights and his basic human dignity by the Obama Administration. He is not getting the normal support from his fellow LGBTQs. Where are the rallies, where are the protest, the boycotts, and denunciations? Is Manning, a gay male, being sold-out by the larger LGBTQ community because they love Obama? Will they sacrifice Manning for open inclusion in this fundamentally unjust society?

I must admit, I’m not really in a position to judge. I take the position that if you are not involved in a struggle, you have no right to criticize the merits or tactics of that struggle; and I have not been involved in the Gay Rights struggle. So I’ll call this an observation, and allow the LGBTQ community to struggle with these apparent contradictions.

You folks who get mad when liberals equate the Gay Rights Struggle with the Civil Rights Struggle really don’t have a bone to pick. The Civil Rights Leadership sold out the struggle for justice, and social transformation for greater inclusion, some superficial legislation, and tokenism too.