Diallo, I know you said you at pro-homosexuality. Do you really believe that there is no Gay agenda that’s affecting the black community. And also please explain how you can be pro homosexuality and a pan Africanist at the same time because to me the 2 does not mix.

How many ways can you keep asking me the same question Anon?

Here we go Again:

There is no Gay Agenda targeting the Black Community, I’ve read many off those who make this assertion, but none of it holds up, I’ll point out some of their arguments. There are Elite & Corporate interest that have been capitalizing on the Gay Rights Movement, like they do to all integration social movements from Civil Rights, to Women’s Rights, etc (but that’s another issue).

But back to the fallacious assertions about the Gay Agenda:

1. Some say that exposure to Homosexual content will turn Heterosexuals into Homosexuals and that the White man is putting more Homosexual content in the media to turn us into Homosexuals: I’ve found no evidence that exposure to Homosexual content can change an individual’s sexual orientation.

Even if this were true, we live in what’s now called a Hetero-Normative society, and all of the media, even the Liberal media, all of Black media, mainstream and underground is dominated by Hetro content, and has a strong Hetro slant, way above and beyond any Homo content.

So, there would be more Homos turned Hetro than Hetros turned Homo if this fallacious assertion about Gay Shit on the TV or in movies, or in music turned people Gay. Also, there is no evidence that the overall number, or percentage of LGBTQAIs are increasing in the overall human population even though LGBTQAIs are more visible than ever in the media, in textbooks, and in the streets (depending on where you live).

2. Having so many Gay people will limit our capacity to reproduce ourselves, thus the Gay Agenda is gonna bring Genocide to the Black Race: this one again has no historical, political, or even epidemiological truth.  

There have been many Genocide Agendas across the globe, many aimed at Black populations, not one of them has ever included promoting homosexuality among the masses. In fact, all of the campaigns of Genocide, and those who carried them out were violently anti-Homosexual. From the Nazis (who put (open) Gays in Concentration Camps), to the Founding Fathers that exterminated Natives of the New World (who legally banned sodomy, and would incarcerate, tar & feather, or exile homosexuals), to those imposing Genocide policies in the Hood today, the Far-Right, Conservatives, and Neo-Liberals; they have a staunch anti-Homo stance.

Genocide & population reduction is now a systematic, scientific process, and no Genocidal agency or plan would waste time with such an ineffective genocide tactic as trying to “turn” their victims gay so they don’t have children.  

3. Some have argued that Gay, or Effeminate men are less able to protect our community, less likely to fight to defend our people, or join the Black Liberation struggle, but yet again, there’s too much evidence to support this.  

There have been many open and closeted LGBTQAIs in all of our movements at all levels, from Integrationist to far left organizaitons. Also, there’s no evidence that being Heterosexual makes you more willing to struggle and sacrifice for your people, and being Gay make you less likely.  

Just look at CeCe McDonal, a Transwoman who cut the throat of a White Racist Aggressor, if CeCe was a CisHet dude instead of Trans she’d be CeCe a fucking folk hero, CeCe’s face would be on T-shirts and posters all over the hood.

So, Black LGBTQAIs, in terms of their political engagement or willingness to fight are not much different than that Black masses, it’s just that many Militants prefer to ignore or downplay the political engagement of Black LGBTQAIs or we accuse them of not being sincere in joining the Black Struggle, we say they just here to push the Gay Agenda.  

There’s a Lesbian academic facing death threats for speaking up about Black Oppression right now, she’s a professor at an IV League School, Sistah has made it, but she used her position to elevate our issues, many Heteros that get that far up would never say shit, cuz they don’t wanna jeopardize their station. I personally know a Hetro Academic who knows all about oppression but won’t speak up at his institutions or in mixed company.

Who and how you fuck don’t really control your political engagement. We got Coons and Freedom fighters on all sides. 

There are many more accusations leveled against Black LGBTQAI, and none of them have held up under critical examination.  I’m a person who spends a considerable amount of time examining active and potential threats to Africans and the African Diaspora, and it’s true that we are a Race of people under siege, so it’s irresponsible to distract our people or direct our limited resources towards non-threats when we have so many real and active threats to contend with as a people. 

I can be pro-Homosexuality, and Pan-Africanist cuz there are  LGBTQAI Africans! It’s that simple. If you are excluding Africans, or creating sects within the African population, then you ain’t Pan-African, you are Selective-African. Pan means “All-Inclusive,” literally, that’s what it means. Pan-African means All-Africans! So I’m obligated to be pro-All Africans even if they into shit that I’m not into, as long as they are Pan-African, and working in our collective best interest as well. 

But you have to remember your previous questions, you forced me to pic Pro- or Anti-, I don’t normally call myself Pro-Homosexual, but yall in the Black Straight Pride Movement call anyone who’s not violently Anti-Gay, Pro-Gay; so by your standard and definition I’d be Pro-Homo, and I ain’t interested in arguing that point.  

I’ve also been called Homophobic by people on the other side of this issue, due to my ongoing criticism of the Gay Rights Movement.  Just got called Homophobic behind my comments about Trump’s Trans-Ban in the military. So, I’ve learn that people will label you what they need to to sustain their own positions and conclusions, and the accuracy of those labels don’t matter to those who give them, so be it.

If you allowed me to say what I am I’d say I’m Pro Justice, Pro Liberation, Pro African, etc. also I’m Anti Persecution, Anti Repression, Anti Irrationality. So, when I see LGBTQAIs being subjected to Repression, Persecution, or targeted by  irrational fears about them and their impact on the larger community, WTF can I do, but be true to my own principles?

I know I’ve mocked you in the past, but real Talk “I ain’t mad at cha.” (In my Tupac voice.)

I was there, I was aggressively Anti-LGBTQAI, even wrote Anti-LGBTQAI poems and shit. But then I actually took time to look at the issue rationally.

I realized much of my views on Gays was rooted in my Catholic/Methodist/Baptist/Islamic upbringing (I went to catholic school, my Grandparents were Methodist, my mother was Baptist, and my Father and older brothers were Muslims.)  Even though all of these religious sects had their disagreements, they all agreed about the Homos, it was all Fire and Brimstone, Sodam and Gomorrah; and from a very early ages I was like “cool, OK, the Fags are evil.” 

I abandoned religion at 14, and became an Atheist by the time I was like 23, but I still held to much of my early religious indoctrination, including my position on that Gay Shit.  Getting married forced me to examine my positions about the role of men and woman in a family, household, and the Movement. I was like “wow, here I am acting like a damn Puritanical Pilgrim towards my Revolutionary Black wife, but I’m supposed to be Pan-African and an Atheist.”  

After that I started to deal with all of my residue from my Religious and Negro indoctrination, including Homosexuality, I was able to develop a more rational understanding of the issue, and I hope you eventually get there as well, it took me time to; but I think I’m a more effective organizer because of it. 

Oh, and it’s OK to be repulsed by “mahn pun mahn, or oman pun oman,” it’s not your preference or your lifestyle or whatever.  It’s OK to even refuse to associate with LGBTQAI people (more likely than not, you do not have LGBTQAI people clamoring to get into your social circle anyway).

It’s even OK to join movements that are exclusively Heterosexual (it’s Reactionary, but it’s your right). I ain’t telling you to be the Grand Marshal of your Local Pride Parades Homie; but it’s not OK to persecute LGBTQAI people or accuse their community of shit they ain’t done or intend to do, cuz that provokes violence and compounding oppression. It’s that simple. LGBTQAI supporters don’t agree with this, but then can be irrational too. 

I accept that were will always be people who don’t wanna deal with other people for whatever reasons. Fortunately we don’t all need to “get along” to Get Free, we just have to have respect, even for those we don’t agree with.

I’m not for integration, multiculturalism, or multisexualism; none of that shit. I’m for Libertarian, and Liberated people can mix, match, and mingle how they see fit. 

I’m a Vegan, Atheist, XboX users, and I don’t particularity like keeping the company with meat eating, god fearing, PlayStation using folks; but when it’s time to do the work of the people, I’m putting those preferences aside and uniting with any of my people who are down to do the work, then we can go back to our own sub-sections and sub-cultures to chill until it’s time to build again. I don’t know why this shit is so hard for us Woke folks to figure out. 

Accepting the Rights, Humanity, and Reality of Gays is not an endorsement, it don’t make you Gay, in fact, the LGBTQAI don’t need or want your approval for their activities in the bed anymore then you want theirs for your Heterosexual (and I’m sure pure) sexual desires and actions. 

If you don’t wanna work with LGBTQAI, more likely than not, they won’t wanna work with you either, but they ain’t the enemy, unless they are (like Gay Cops or Gay Capitalist and shit). LOL! 

Make sure you focus your efforts on the real enemies, there are many people in the Movement who are making money and gaining power by selling you false threats like the “Gay Agenda,” but if you truly Conscious, you won’t fall for that. 

Finally, if yall Pro-Black Family Black Conservatives were really about the Black Family, you’d never wanna return to the era where LGBTQAIs were not allowed to express their preferences and live out their true selves; because you’d once again have thousands if not millions of these repressed men and women trying to front, getting married to you Puritanical folks.

Wouldn’t you want to know that the woman you are courting is truly into your and not being forced to be on your arm by society while checking for your auntie on the side? Don’t you want your daughter to be with a man who’s really into her and her vagina instead of a dude who prefers men and dicks, but has to hide it cuz he can face violence assault if he doesn’t? The only way to do this is to allow Gays to be Gay. Just look as societies like Saudi Arabia, or Uganda who violently persecute Gays, they still got Gay people, even when the US was banning, torturing, and incarcerating LGBTQAIs, all the way up until the Stone Wall Riots of in 1969, you had Gay folks all over doing Gay shit. 

Hell, I met this Sister in a Reggae Club in conservative Kansas City back in 1997, she had locks, dark skin, and all other features that I like; so I tried to holla, she was friendly, but eventually told me she was a Lesbian, and that was it. I’d hate to image if she was afraid to do so, and we sparked some shame relationship, that’d be problem for me, her, and if shit went too far, for our offspring. 

I really don’t know why yall think persecution and suppression of Gays will work out good for yall, even if you don’t respect the humanity and value of LGBTQAI people, you should support full rights for LGBTQAIs for selfish reason, but yall Straight Pride folks ain’t too big on reason and rationality. 

It’s been a while since I answered any of my blog questions, so I’m trying to make up for that in this one response. LOL, but now I’m tired of typing, so I’m done, until next time Anon.