You hate the white man, but if it weren’t for slavery, your monkey as would still be in the jungle swinging from trees and

Weak and so unoriginal Anonymous.  You have to step your White Racist Internet Trolling game up if you wanna compete with the big boys.

You have so much rich content to drawl from because this sick system you take so much pride in is really exposing its savage hand over the last several months.  I know it’s hard for you to be imaginative between sniffing glue and masturbating to internet porn, but you can do better than the ole’ tired “yall should be thankful for slavery,” insult, that is so over used.

I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to really reduce your White Racist Internet Troll (WRIT) Score because you were so unoriginal.

WRIT Score: 1.3 (pitiful)

PS: I don’t hate the White man, if you look at the history the number one enslaver, killer, and oppressor of the White man are…..other White men.  Yall need to check all that White on White violence and internal hatred, if yall learn to be civil and non-exploitative to each other, then maybe yall can  learn to peacefully coexist with the rest of humanity. 

I do uderstand how you could conculde that I hate the White man tho, so I don’t falut you for thinking that I do.  White history and culture is so obscene, so destructive and anti-human; anyone who honestly exposes it tends to sound hateful.  It’s hard to describe obscenities without sounding obsence, it’s hard to expose hatred without sounding hateful, but I assure you, you ain’t worth, and you don’t have my hatred you pitiful little WRIT.

I’m sure you’d find me quite pleasant if you ever met me….naw, I’d likely beat the shit outta you, but only on GP, because of the specific bullshit you Anonymously said here, not because I hate all White folks.