The Feminist Civil War


This “I’d Rather Be a Rebel…” shirt worn by these Feminist is deeper than most understand.

The Rebels in an American Historical context were the Confederate States Army.  These were the muthafuckas fighting to keep the ownership of our Ancestors! The Rebel Flag is the fucking Confederate Flag! (Google it).  We all remember the new dust that’s been kicked up around that fucking flag recently, right?

These Hollywood, and media muthfuckas ain’t stupid, they the slickest propagandist the world has ever seen; they don’t do shit by accident.

These shirts, worn by White Feminst in the US means literally; “I’d
rather fight to keep slaves than to be a slave.” Or, “I’d rather be an
enslaver than a slave.”

We can’t get mad at the Feminist for this
because it’s honest, that’s what the fuck they been doing since the
first White woman demanded equality with the White man in this nation.  
They want status within their own Systems of Power, and couldn’t give
2fucks about the victims of those Systems of Power, not even non-White
women who suffer under those Systems of Power.

I’m so glad
Femisnist be Self-Exposing, cuz it’s exhausting calling out Feminism,
cuz they have so many indoctrinated Black women playing defense for them
and their Integrationist Ideology.  

Black women so lost that
they imagine an attack against Feminism is a personal attack against
them.  That’s as stupid as Blacks who take criticism and attacks against
America personally cuz they hold US citizenship. They all on some “we
sick boss” shit.  LoL! SMH.  

Instead of abandoning Feminism in favor of Africana womanism, or some other more viable agenda, these  ridiculous Black Feminist are gonna wage a “Civil War” against White Feminist and White feminism.  LoL!  Seriously, I’m honestly L-ingOL over here.  

They just gotta have that fucking title of Feminist, that raggity ass
title, that empty ass, worthless ass title, they are not only willing to
fight Black men for it, they will fight White feminist for their shit.

I can’t say I’m not enjoying the Feminist Civil War between
White Feminist, and all the Feminist of Color that they been pimping
for decades, tho, I ain’t even gon lie about it.