What is capitalism, and what is socialism? Why do you prefer socialism over capitalism?

Capitalism is a system where a few people own everything, Socialism is a system where everyone owns everything collectively; in a nutshell.

But if we gon keep it 100, Socialism is the collective production and maintenance of any system, society, economy. 

Every single social system from the hunter/gather societies of the past to the modern technological societies we have today are socialist.  Even the US is socialist, every nation on this planet is socialist, and every single economy in this world is socialist.

All societies simple or complex require the cooperation and sharing of skills, information, of space and time.  That’s socialism; cooperation and sharing among people.  Socialism has constructed every single skyscraper and allowed for every technological innovation from the wheel, to the light bulb, to the internet.  

Capitalism is nothing more the the legitimize theft and hoarding of the collective wealth of the masses in the hands of a self selected few, it is a leach on the veins of socialistic systems that allow capitalist to have standing in their societies.

Look at Bill Gate, imagine how much collective work has gone into setting him up.  From the public education system that he benefited from, from the person who pick up the trash so that his ass didn’t die from a communicable disease in his youth, to the grunt workers who set up the infrastructure of this nation, to the publicly funded institutions that invented the internet, to the Third World sweatshops that bang out the hardware that runs his programs.  All of these people are essential to Bill Gates being to actualize his ambitions, but he get the lion’s share of the spoils from all of this collective work.  Even the cops who prevent the masses from taking Bill’s ill-gotten wealth don’t get their proper share of his wealth, we pay them to protect him from our redistribution of the collective wealth he as appropriated through the parasitic imposition of capitalism on our social and collective efforts.

Look at Donald Trump, he’s made billions from real estate, but when has that bastard ever lifted a hammer, welded a beam, run some wires, or risk his life doing any of the dangerous work to erect one of “his” Trump Towers?“  In a socialist system the Towers would belong to all of the people who worked collectively to build it, not some sociopath who owns a piece of paper claiming its his, the police would defend the rights of the people who do the damn work against the claims of the parasite who seek to expropriate the people’s work.

The Walton’s, who "own” Wal-Mart are the richest family in the US, do you tink they can even work the registers of their stores, that they’ve ever stocked a fucking shelf?  This is obscene, every store would belong to the staff who work it in a socialist system. 

So all systems and societies are socialists, but many societies have allowed capitalist to infiltrate and corrupt and distort the distribution of wealth and resources. 

The capitalist perpetuate the lie that they work harder and are smarter than the rest of us, and that if we didn’t allow a few “smarter” people to own, control, and take the bulk of the profits from our collective efforts that society and human progress would grind to a halt, but that’s a myth, but they own the media, the schools, and the armed goons who force us to accept this myth.