What should be the Black code of conduct or Pan-African code of conduct?

Pan-Africanism is an ideology and a mission, it encompasses vast and varied communities/cultures/ethnicities that span the globe embracing all Africans on the continent to all Africans of the Diaspora.

Therefore there is no absolute code of conduct because the African World is so diverse, from languages to cultural practices.  The beauty of our African History, and the African mentality is that we are not an insecure people who demand uniformity, or strict adherence to a narrow Way of Being like other culture, particularity the Western Culture who’ve fought many wars trying to impose a universal economy, culture, and religion on each other and the rest of the world.  The West is just now experimenting with tolerance and diversity, which are buzz words for them, but they are cornerstone in our culture; we had humane tolerance and vast peaceful diversity for thousands of years before the Western cultures entered the world stage.

I’m sorry I have to touch on this but it is necessary, I can’t just give a direct yes answer and then a list of that code.  We have been under the boot of Western Domination, for a very short time when we look at our overall history, but a very long time in the context of our individual life spans; so we are very contaminated with their cultural and psychological pathologies.
We have many who claim to be Pan-Africanist but they are seeking to Westernize Pan-Africanism and the African Ways of Being.  They behave as Puritans or Zelots, they have a narrow view of Africans and African and want to bend all Africans to their view, and Africa is way to vast to be uniform, and the African dose not fear The Other, we are not a Xenophobic cultures, like or Oppressors; but many of us have adopted the ways of their enemies and Oppressors.

So there is a universal understanding that governs Pan-Africanism, and they are pretty simple.

  1.  Africa for Africans, At Home and Abroad.
  2. An enemy of Africa is an Enemy of All Africans.
  3. Our First Obligation is to Africa (i.e. Each Other), our African Interest Above All Others.
  4. The Liberation of All Africans.
  5. The Dismantling of All Systems and Institutions of Oppression.
  6. The Return of African and Africans to Our Proper Station Among Men and Nations.

Again, a proper answer to your question could fill a multi-volume text, but I hope I did it justice in this limited forum. 

Note: Particular Pan-African organization often do have strict codes of conduct, which is prudent and understandable, but they only apply to specific members of that organization.  We need to make sure Pan-Africanism overall is vast enough to allow any African who’s interested in the total and permanent Liberation of African to contribute to our mission.