What is your view on Father Pfleger’s actions and on him as well.

Oh Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy.

White Jesus wuz tuh bizzy tah help uz so he sent Fahdah Phlagah en hiz place.

Ain’t like uz Black folks can do it for ourselves.  LOL! 

Nah, but really; White folks need to save themselves, if a White person really is down for justice and humanity, they would go among other Whites and do their Works there.  Whites need more help than any other segment of humanity TBH.

Whites can kick in resources; or give us back some of the resources they’ve stolen from us, but they need to keep their “leadership,” analysis, and shit to themselves. 

How White folks gon help Blacks get justice when they have no justices; imposing or living off of an unjust system means you lack justice as much as victims of injustice lack justice; so ain’t none of us got justice; so get justice for White folks Father Pfleger, that would impress me more than you running through the Hood seeking Justice for US Colored Folks. 

So I’d tell FP:

Besides, we always getting these “peaceful” White Allies. 

When Whites are engaged in conquest, oppression, and exploitation they use all of this fucking violence, but when they wanna help US secure freedom they can only come with peace, protest, and harmony.

Why the fuck Whites got guns for oppression but only picket signs for justice?

We ain’t had a fucking White dude use some of that White Hyper Aggression for Black Liberation since John Brown

So I’m with Chairman Fred Hampton on this “White Allies” issue; he said that Whites should go among their own and struggle for Liberation, Correct Education, and Justice, and if the want to be down with us, or give direct aid to our struggle, then they should wait until we approach them; and make a direct request from them; Charmain Fred said: “if we need to do douse yourself with gas and jump on Nixon, we’ll let you know, until then work among your own.”

Why ain’t FP up on the Gold Coast telling the White Elites about how devastating their gluttonous lifestyles are to their own well being?  Why don’t he go to the Northern Suburbs and fight the Heroin epidemic, child pornography and child sex abuse among Whites, why don’t he travel to rural America (where most of the guns and gun violence occur) and save them. 
Why don’t he work on giving back the billions the Catholic chruch has stolen from Africa.  Do I need to even get into the molestation issue with his religion; he needs to find the pedophiles hiding under the “Pope’s skirt.”  Why ain’t he dealing with White Domination and White Hyper-Aggression?

Why he in the hood when White folks got more issues than us; hell, our issues mostly stem from White issues, so if he fixed White folks most other shit would fall in place for all other Races.

If you know FP, tell him to stop going on TV with Spike Lee sitting on his lap talking about “self-inflected genocide” and to take his ass to the White Masses and Liberate them; and if we need him to strap up and put in some work we’ll let him know.