Can I ask a forbidden question real quick?

What does it do for the egos of White, Asian, Indian, and Arab women to have millions upon millions of African women struggle to emulate your hair textures?

Just image; we have Black women, the original women, the mothers of humanity, the Mitochondrial Eves!, seeking to reject her hair, which is the apex of human evolution to wear the hair of her distant and often hostile daughters.

What does that do for your egos White/Asian/Indian/Arab women?

Shit even if I thought White dudes had the best hair (which I don’t, but if I did) I would never give them the satisfaction of letting them know that. I’d flaunt my naps, coils, and kinks like they were gifts from God or evidence of the longest evolutionary heritage of all humanity; even if I hated my hair. My Grandparents taught me bout keeping up appearances, even if shit ain’t all together on the inside.

I know sisters got self-love, and I know they got iron wills, and I know the Black woman’s ego is solid; but why dosen’t any of this prevent them from letting the world know that their hair is anything other than their greatest aesthetic asset, and that they wouldn’t dare trade it for any other texture on this planet; even if that ain’t the full truth?

But that’s not my real question….my real question is:

How does this behavior in Black women affect the egos of White/Asian/Arab/India Women?

I know it does but I’ve never heard any of them speak on it.