Does King Noble help our cause?

“Our cause?”  I gonna assume that you are talking about the cause of Revolutionary Pan-Africanism; and I would say no, he does not help our cause.

King Noble is a “Black Supremacist” who fuses Black Nationalism, with Eroticism, Mysticism, Black Separatism, and what ever else suits his fancy on any given day. 

There’s nothing new about KN, there have been these cult leaders or aspiring cult leaders in the Black community as far back as the late 1800s.  They really came to prominence in the 60s and 70s; piggybacking off of the Free Love and Hippy movements of that era. 

Some of these cult leaders were pious, and taught that asceticism was the way to enlightenment and freedom.  Others, like KN go the opposite direction and promote a form of Black Nationalist Hedonism as a path to freedom.  KN is one of the first to truly take advantage of social media to build his cult following.  I remember him when his was on Ning and MySpace, he’s been at it for a while.

I don’t think he hurts the movement because the people he attracts are not really serious about liberation, they are often looking for an escape, they want a new way of being, new sensations, to stand out, but not collective liberation like they profess.  Cults give them that sense of belonging without burdening them with the real work of liberation. 

Then there are those who use the KNs of the world to denounce all Black efforts towards Liberation, Unity, and Resistance.  But those individuals will use any excuse for dissing Black people and rejecting our Struggles.  They will look at a KN YouTube vid and be all like “see, this is why I don’t fuck with that Black shit, King Noble is selling porn, justifying rape, and trying to get money off of Black people, so fuck all that Black shit.”  But then they turn around and go alone with White society that is the top producer of porn, top rapist, and the top thief of Black people’s money.  So if you reject Black Liberation cuz if King Noble, then you shoulda been rejected all things White across the Globe long before King Noble came on the scene.  So, any one who blames KN or other “Hoteps” for not “fucking with that Black shit” is as full of shit as KN and the other Hoteps then denounce. If they gave a fuck, there would be no obstacle to their efforts to unite and resist oppression and White Domination. 

So, KN does not help or hurt our cause, he’s outside of our cause, he’s on some whole other next shit, and gets way too much attention from serious people in my opinion.

I’ve actually had more than one opportunity to speak with him face-to-face, and he’s not a dumb guy, nor is he crazy; he’s very calculating.

He actually invited me to his “followers” when he was based in Chicago, I was tempted, I was gonna wank into their “temple,” step to the altar and be like……

LOL!  But I just declined, and went about my works. 

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