On Human Meat Consumption

Humans who consume meat are not Carnivores, nor are they Omnivores; they are Parasites.
Carnivores & Omnivores prey on the sick, weak, injured, and old animal, Carnivores and Omnivores actually strengthen the herd, or the populaiton of animals that they prey upon; the prevent the spread of disease, or the passage of weak gene within the population of animals they prey upon.
Carnivores & Omnivores contribute to the overall ecosystems they hunt and live in. Human meat eaters in the industrial world do none of this.
Human meat eaters drive the reproduction and passage of dysgenic DNA, the promote inbreeding of damaging or negative traits in the animals they eat. Even the meat eaters who hunt their own meat and stay out of the industrial food systems do great damage.
Hunters don’t seek to kill the weak, old, diseased animals they want the “biggest, strongest, healthiest specimen” to mount on the wall or to turn into a trophy. They remove the strongest DNA from the gene-pool.
So, even though you are mimicking the diets of Carnivores and Omnivores; humans who eat meat cannot be classified as either, because you don’t play the roles that true Carnivores and Omnivores play in an ecosystem…and yes; humans live within and are part of ecosystems; eve us city dwellers.
Now Parasites and Viruses prey on the healthy, they set up artificial conditions to live, reproduce, and thrive in; they consume without contributing to or enriching the organism they prey upon or the ecosystems they dwell in…for the most part; although there are some beneficial or symbiotic parasites in nature, but I don’t count human meat eaters among them, cuz yall are detrimental, destructive parasites. That also goes for those who consume the excretions of animals (milk & dairy), so vegetarians are as parasitic as meat eaters in that respect.
So, from hence forward, I’m not calling yall Carnivorous, Omnivores, or just Meat Eaters; I’m calling yall Human Ecosystem Parasitic, or Bone Suckers for short.