Would you consider Brazil one of the most racist country ? It has the biggest african population outside of africa but yet the majority of blacks are in poverty, most middle class to upper class are whites ! Funny how the media and white brazilians claim Brazil is a colorblind society !

I’m not sure who hold the crown for “most racist country,” but there’s stiff competition all over the world.  I also think it’s inappropriate for Oppressed people to play the “I’m more oppressed than you,” game.  Oppression and oppression, and it all must be opposed and obliterated. 

I’ve said often that “anti-Africanism  is the world’s only universal ideology.”  That’s is a consistent and tragic fact.

Nations have varying methods and cultural norms when it comes to expressing their Racism and imposing their Racist policies. 

That’s why we need Pan-Africanism, that’s the only ideology and agenda that addresses the global phenomenon of anti-Africanism, it’s the only true challenge to Global White Domination and White Aggression.