Why in heavens name do the new negroes idolize mahatma Gandhi? They say Dr. Martin Luther King got his inspiration from Gandhi. Gandhi was a racist and a sexist, and was perfectly fine with the British racial system in South Africa until he found out whites dislike Indians just as much as they dislike the ‘kaffirs’

It’s because New Negros are willfully ignorant of history, they embrace mythologies, not just Religious Mythologies, but political and historical mythologies. 

For the New Negro go accept and confront the realities of Gandhi, or history in general they will also have to come to terms with their treason against their ancestors/peers/descendants, and their submission to the unjust and Racist forces that dominate the world.

What’s even crazier is that Indians are discovering and exposing the myths and corruption of Gandhi as many New Negros still embrace the myths.  I just attended a talk by Arundhati Roy and she “spilled all the tea” (as my young niece would say) on Gandhi.

Finally, Ghandi also supported and adhered to the caste system that plagued Asia for centuries. 

So #FuckGhandi, and keep dispelling the myths surrounding his life and legacy.

Oh, but don’t throw away the study of Ghandi’s strategies and tactics; cuz as Racist and Supremacist as he was, he was also an effective opponent of Western Colonization and the development of Nationalist Identity among his own; so there is value in studying Gandhi, at the same time we expose the muthafucka. 

People get pissed at me cuz they think we should only study “good people,” but I need a muthafucka to be an angle or even pro-Black to learn from them, all I reuire it that they offer insights and instruction on how I can advance my People and my cause.  #ByAllMeansNecessary.

But still: #FuckGhandi #FuckCaste