Neither Integration Nor Separation Will Free Us!

Seeking Equality with Whites is absurd cuz if Whites allowed for Equality & surrendered their political/economic/social/cultural/military/psychological advantage they’d loose all of the shit that provokes you to want to be Equal with them! Dummies!
Just look at the state of Whites prior to their theft of our Land/Resources/Labor! Look at their standards of living before they Invaded/Colonized/Enslaved us, or others!
Negro Integrationist are literally asking Whites to give up the very things that makes them desirable to integrate with. Whites have know this since before the first Civil Rights Marcher painted their first protest sings or called for their first boycotts.
This ironically, is the same logic behind White subverting Black Separatist more violently than they have deny the wishes of the Integrationist.
Full Separation of Blacks would have the same outcome as Full Integration of Blacks; so they keep us in this Hope & Change Limbo, they keep the cycle of Repression & Reform on repeat. They seek us Oppressed & Stagnant, but also Hopeful. The Negro Elites help them in this effort in various ways, but mainly by being a false symbol of opportunity and inclusion; which invalidates Black Separatist and keeps the Negro Integration on the treadmill of protest & reform.
The reality, that frightens Negro Integrationist, and escapes Black Separatist is that merging with or getting away from Whites, their Systems and Institutions are both non-solutions, neither will every work.
They only true solutions for Blacks, for all of humanity and the earth’s ecosystems is the total deconstruction of all Systems and Institutions of White Domination, Capitalist. There’s not joining or escaping Global White Domination.
So, we need Pan-Africanist Revolution on a Global Scale across multiple Generations. We need Total Liberation they goes beyond all borders, then extends even beyond Blacks people, beyond Humanity, we need Planetary Ecological Liberation.