Black Women >Queens & Goddesses.

All these males out here talking about “Black women are Queens,” still treat them like peasants.

All these males out here talking about “the Black women is God,” must be atheist then; cuz I don’t see it reflected in their actions and treatment of women either.

Black women are not Gods, nor are they Queens; also Monarchy and Religion are two pillars of Patriarchy and women’s oppression; so stop frontin with your empty words and ideas.

Black women are a population on this planet who not only endure Racial Oppression like the rest of us, but they have the compounding challenge of Gender-based Oppression and Exploitation that Black men even contribute to.

So if you want to find a way to compliment Black women, skip the damn empty platitudes and offer Racial Critiques and Unrelenting Opposition to White Domination, Sexism, and Misogyny.

The Black woman is (or should be your) mother, aunt, sister, daughter, wife, friend, bae,or ally; and we need to give those titles their proper weight and value, then we wouldn’t have to pretend that women are deities or monarchs in order to give them the respect and support they deserve.


(Diallo Kenyatta)