Stop Protesting Police & Capture (or Dismantle) the State.

Protesting police for police brutality and murder is like protesting an attack dog for biting people in the neighborhood.

Can you imagine that a child gets mauled to death and the community
begins to march around the dog house, and form a blockaded around the
dog’s water bowl?  How stupid would they look?

What do you do when there’s a dog terrorizing the neighborhood; you go to the owner!  You sanction the owner, you fucking sue, or incarcerate the owner/Master of the dog.

So, who owns the cops…technically we do. WE THE PEOPLE.  The citizens
are supposed to self-govern, and those who are in the employ of the
State are servants of the People.

If this sound false or absurd to you, then you have to accept that the Social contract has been broken, and you have to determine, who is now in possession of the State, or State Power.

The only legitimate holders of Power in a Republic are the citizens, all other power holders are illegitimate.

So, who are the usurpers?  They are the Corporate and Investment
Classes, the small minority of citizens and foreign investors.  

These Elites own, control, train, empower, and equip the police.

When this happens, your problems are much bigger than police brutality,
racial profiling, and the police departments in general.

Can you imagine if the colonist just focused on the abuses of the Red Coats during the American colonial period instead of carrying out the American Revolutionary War?

Can you imagine if the Abolitionist just focused on the abusive Slave drivers instead of the overall system of Chattel Slavery?

Without targeting the larger system, and focusing on it’s enforcers;
you are wasting your time and the time of those you convince to follow
you and your efforts.  

If a movement or a leader has you
focusing on the dog, and ignoring the Master, they are also servants of
the master; or worse, they are ignorant about the nature of Power and
how to engage it.  

Our problems don’t start or end with the
police, and like I said, the police are not even the primary source of
abuse, injustice, and premature death and injury for Black people and
other vulnerable populations.  We are being abused, exploited, and
injured by doctors, bankers, tax collectors, teachers, lawyers,
correction officers, DMV clerks, congressmen, senators, and all other
agents of the State and industries within the State!  That’s what
happens when you lack institutional and collective Power, the State and
the Private Sector preys on you and your youth.

The cops use
guns to abuse and kill us, so the get the head lines, but other
bureaucrats use pens; and we all know that the pen is mightier then the
sword, and at least as damaging as the gun.

I done said this before, I’m saying it again, I was ignored before, I’ll continue to be ignored.

But holla at me if you want to develop actions based on radical
analysis, and viable agendas and formations; I’m done with this
Atrocity, Protest, Concessions, Repeat shit we been on since the the
late 1800s.  

We need Systemic Analysis and Revolutionary Mass
Organization. ACTivisim, proTEST, and DEMOstrations are inadequate; not
worthless, but severely inadequate. —