I heard on NPR (I know, this invalidates the rest of my statement, anyone who gets their sport info from NPR shouldn’t be posting about sports; but I’ll still proceed,)…this morning that the Bulls lost another game to the Heat. I’ve seen relatives, friends, and associates here in Chicago get so hype and invested in these series of games. I’ve seen emotions range from Joy & Enthusiasm to Despair & Anger.

“Now the Bulls are in a do or die situation,” said the NPR reporter, (LoL, I don’t think she used that exact phrasing, I don’t thing they can use the word ‘die’ on NPR), and I can barley imagine the amount of Hope & Anguish, Time & Energy that will be invest by Chicagoans for this next game.

Now, I couldn’t give a hot damn either way, but I am curious to know something; I’m asking all of you who have love and pride for your “local” sports franchises.

Here’s the question: What make the Chicago Bulls, Chicago (please adjust the team name and city to suit your locale)? Is it just the location? How many of the players live here, or were born here, or have any level of investment here? Just how Chicago are the Chicago Bulls?

What if the teams were named for their true ownership instead of the cities that they drain of resource and make off with profits from?

Would you still support the Bulls of they were officially named: The Jerry Reinsdorf Bulls? Would they still evoke pride in you? Would you still be invested?

I know the entertainment value Ball-Chasers give us, but that doesn’t explain the emotions people invest. I’m a big fan of video games, but I don’t care if one character gets the best of another, I’m not emotionally invested in that shit; it’s just an amusing distraction. I wouldn’t buy overpriced shoes sponsored by Ryu. I wouldn’t care if Marcus Fenix got traded to another game franchise… I just don’t give a shit. Hell, I don’t even but the games until they are a year old and priced under $20 in the used bin.

I sorry if I’m sounding critical, I’m just curious about folks investment in Ball-Chasers, and how people are willing pretend these teams have any real connection to their cities, and that the victories or losses of these teams have any real impact you our lives.

Please, help me understand.