Is it true President Obama has approved reparations to be paid to descendants of the Maangamizi? He is a lame duck prez, in the final year of his 2nd term, and he can do some radical things now. The Strong ARM (African Reparations Movement) will finally flex its muscle!

I’m sorry to laugh, but that shit was funny.

The truth is, Obama is going hard in the mahfuckin paint; but not for Justice, Reparations, or any substantial pardons (like Mumia, Snowden, Manning, O’Neal, or Assata). 

Obama is pressing the PNAC in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  He’s bagging hard for the TransPacific Partnership, and he’s further entrenching the Surveillance State. Obama was never ever the Spook Who Sat by the Door; he didn’t even pretend to be; so I’m not sure why we are waiting for this man to launch into some kinda pro-justice, pro-Black, pro-humanity moves; it’s not gonna happen.

Obama has more than earned his place among the 1%…..through the Colored Entrance, and that’s where his loyalties remain, and shall remain.

Oh, but thanks for giving a shout out to the Strong A.R.M.